As defeat unfolded, Trump's advisors told him he'd won

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If there is nobody in your organization whose literal job it is to tell you when you’re full of shit, then you’re running an organization whose continued existence is based on a lie.


A liar with anger issues who surrounds himself with liars and sycophants should not be shocked to discover they never tell him the truth if it might make him angry. How many more times before he leaves office will he figure out he’s been misled right before he fires a few of them? How many more revelations will come out after those former staff members promote their upcoming tell-all books? At this rate, they’ll need a huge section in his presidential library.

Maybe some wealthy person could be convinced to pay for the “Whispers” ad from the Lincoln Project to run on all those right-wing news shows for a week. That might keep him so busy attempting to clean house that he won’t have time to make trouble elsewhere.




But what utility is there to telling the truth? There is no upside. He’s never going to accept the truth and he then abuses, disparages, blames, and/or fires the messenger. It makes perfect sense that all his advisors would lie to him.


I understand your objection in principle.

But the substance of your objection actually helps to prove my point :confused:


He does that to all the sycophants too sooner or later. Remember how he publicly bragged about making Steve Bannon cry?


Trump is the prime misleader. I can’t blame his staff for this. It’s him. They’re just dummies. HE is the puppet master.

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“Damn! Why didn’t we think of that!”


At least for the kind of scumbag arse-lickers who stay loyal to a deranged and fickle demagogue to the very end.

Someone with dignity would quit or accept the firing, but that’s not who these “advisors” are.


That’s the part the continually amazes/ confuses me: the apparently never- ending stream of people more than willing to suck up to a man who has never shown personal loyalty to anyone in his life. If I saw someone who serially abuses those around him only to throw them under the nearest bus whenever it’s convenient, I’d steer well clear of that person. Trump seems to have people eager to be cannon fodder.


I don’t know. This bending of reality to his will has worked for him for 70 years or so. Why stop now? Until he’s behind prison bars (and I’ll believe it when I see it), he’ll just keep on failing upwards on a tower built of lie bricks. And now he’s got 70 million people willing to keep that tower from falling.


That’s why, despite my extreme loathing of bullies, I reserve even more contempt for their toadies.


You beat me to the Downfall meme.


Even Cesar allegedly had a servant whose only job was to whisper in his ear as he walked among his sycophantic court, reminding him: “You are just a man.”


His niece Mary has been doing some more armchair psychoanalysis:

“Donald has never been in this place before where there’s nobody to bail him out, there’s nobody to buy him out. He’s desperate, he’s flailing, and there’s literally nothing he can do legitimately except to watch this play out helplessly.”

Mary Trump also said that the fact that Republicans have gained seats in the House and appear poised to maintain the party’s Senate majority means the president will experience the potential loss as a repudiation and rejection of him personally.

He he he he he. So satisfying knowing he’s sitting there raging and helpless.


To any reasonable outside observer it’s obvious he was never very likely to win. I’ve said this before here, but he barely won in 2016, he never polled higher than 49% the entire 4 years, and Biden had a double digit lead in the polls almost from the moment he got the nomination. Combine that with Trump’s recklessness, laziness, and constant pandering to the most ‘base’ of his base and he basically gave Biden the win.


Well, yeah. I mean, have you seen how he treats anyone who tells him something he doesn’t want to hear? Literally anyone, no matter how loyal or how much they’ve done for him, gets absolutely roasted for telling Trump he’s anything less than perfect. He’s been building that environment literally his entire adult life.

How can anyone be surprised by this?


The fun thing is, your response isn’t an objection like it might seem, but strengthens what @davide405 was saying: thanks to his attitude, the only ones still there are the ones who are not loyal to him as much as they are to the weekly pay check, or even simply playing the game. The pay is pretty good for the petty washouts who wouldn’t otherwise be hired, so they prostitute themselves, doing what lets them keep working at the position for another day, and solve the problem of what to say tomorrow. The main thing is you made it to the next round.

And so, by only keeping those who like him are in it only to cheat the rubes, he keeps forgetting that he is himself the rube. But there is no one left to tell him that.