As Trump adviser, Flynn stopped a military plan Turkey opposed after being paid $500K as its agent


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JFC, can we put these people on trial now?


yeah gonna more useful every day.



(1) What the hell was Flynn thinking? I genuinely want to know how he justified his actions to himself. Not what it looks like to all of us, but what was going on in his head.

(2) Imagine the absolute fucking nuc-u-lur meltdown the FOXGOP (BREITGOP?) would be having if something like this had happened under Obama. Wall to wall deafening outrage.


ISIS are probably going “Wait, you can pay the Americans not to attack? Why didn’t we think of that?”

It could actually be a novel strategy for coping with the budget deficit. Plan an attack, then let the targets pay you off. Sort of like a protection racket, but with the entire military-industrial complex behind you instead of a couple of thugs with baseball bats.


don’t give them any ideas.


I’m amazed at the small amounts of money people sell their souls for. A half million dollars is a nice chunk of money, but it’s not worth treason.


would nineteen and a half percent of Rosneft pique your interest?


The case against Trump just gets better and better, and worse and worse for Trump.


Did team Trump know Flynn had been paid half a million dollars (as suggested in the blurb above) or did they know only that he was under investigation? (The quoted McClatchy article says, “unbeknownst to anyone in Washington.”) I just want to be clear on what we’re saying Trump knew about Flynn.


For US foreign policy, that isn’t a new idea. It’s normally done a bit more indirectly, though; “free” trade deals, concessions to US corporations and such.

See Cuba/Guatemala/etc for what happens when you don’t play along.


but but… her emails!


“American first! Well… second.”


I think that “protection” is covered under the RICO act, but, hey, “Gangsta States of America” has a certain ring to it.

“That’s a nice country you’ve got there, President Michel, it would be a shame if something happened to it.”


US pretty much runs that racket all over the world.


That Wiki article is hilarious “The discourse and corruption facing Latin American people and governments is what prompted the United States influence.”
“The term “Banana Wars” was coined much later to cast the motivations for these interventions as almost exclusively the preservation of petty US commercial interests in the region.”

Imperialist apologists really do talk through the sides of their mouths. Unexamined imperialism is absolutely rampant in the West right now. It seems to go hand in hand with the project to rehabilitate the concept of empire and propaganda suggesting that slavery wasn’t all that bad.

To be fair the US totally takes the ha’penny place in this. These articles don’t begin to touch on the horrific racist orgy of slaughter, rape, and looting that the British engaged in, all based on the excuse of China banning Indian opium imports which England profited from greatly.



I found the Banana Wars page a very odd read; but don’t you go knocking our Opium Wars, they were a high point of British Imperialism :smiley:


[QUOTE]In the September meeting with Turkish officials, they discussed with Flynn how to remove Gulen without going through the extradition process, according to former Central Intelligence Agency Director James Woolsey.[/QUOTE]

If discussing with a foreign power how to carry out an abduction on your own country is not treason, then I dont know what is treason.