As TSLA stock falls 9%, its ever consistent CEO reverses his layoff statements

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Strategery - it’s not just for W.


occasionally wonder if ol’ musker fancies himself Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg (then i recover enough to try not to wonder about him at all)


the billionaire son of an emerald miner

I suspect emerald miners themselves may not earn that much

the billionaire son of an emerald miner mine owner

That probably puts it in a more accurate perspective.


Excellent and important distinction.


He learned from Trump how to scare the market via Twitter for fun and profit.

But then they get annoyed when regular people do it, such as with Gamestop, etc.


He changed what he’s saying the public: that doesn’t do a thing about how he plans to behave.


Edit made, thank you.


Isn’t this turd still under a consent decree from the SEC? Why aren’t they fining the shit out of him?



The DSM 5 needs to look at the affect of having far too much money for one person needs to be seriously explored. Obviously very few people can manage the responsibility that great power and wealth brings. Now we are facing a nazi resurgence because power is being consolidated into few hands. Many of those people have lost all human compassion, soulless creatures of greed, they have no care for other humans.


Anyone know the board structure at Tesla?

I’m assuming that Musk must have it some sort of stranglehold given that his antics have cratered its valuation over the last couple of months and he’s still in a position to do anything.


Larry Ellison and James Murdoch are two names I recognize.


Maybe similar to the Twitler era, there were carefully crafted checks and balances to keep Trump in check, but opponents in his organization feared him and didn’t want to attack their own paycheck/position, while those outside of it realized that some of the tools that shamed prior bad actors were essentially toothless against the shameless.


Just caught Musk’s cameo in Iron Man 2, and I realized I now had the same involuntary, body-wide flinch I associate with one of Trump’s appearances during his washed-up former celebrity period. So maybe we’ll be referring to him someday as The Former Tesla Guy?


He also went out on a scree over Mackenzie Scott giving all white male penis rocket ship owning billionaires a bad name


Dear lord, they really have collected some of the worst people on Earth haven’t they?

The sooner we can fire those three into space the better.


We all want to pretend that Musk is just a billionaire playing his games, but the truth is he has hooked into a Trumpist populism that is terrifying. I used to think he was pretty clever until I heard his podcast interviews with Joe Rogan, Dan Carlin, and his nonsense on Twitter. He’s a grifter who latches on to good ideas but manipulates brands and markets to his advantage and is always just out ahead of his schemes collapsing. When he succeeds around these good ideas, it is either by accident or in spite of his leadership because good ideas inspire good people who work for him for a while. His leadership is not the deciding factor, other than that grifters like him drive investment.
I have a Tesla solar roof on my house. I bought it because I wanted to be self-sufficient and eco-friendly and they provided a means to do that in a way that made sense to me. I bought into it before I realized what he was. Anytime I have a tradesman come over to my house (plumber, electrician, HVAC, tuckpointer, etc.) they see the Tesla equipment on the outside of my home and strike up weird libertarian conversations with me about how Musk should be our president or emperor/god. He is appealing to these people, who he has no true affinity with, the same as Trump would appeal to coal miners and farmers whom he never did a thing for. This is where fascism starts, in the crazy ideas that some sociopathic, narcissistic asshole is going to do right by you.


People think Pedo Guy Musk is smart, but he never has been. He’s just ambitious, willing to take risks, and ruthless. That’s what it takes to be a rich guy.

Stuff like this just exposes how dumb he is, like Trump does every time he opens his mouth.


Does this qualify him for “Stable Genius” status? If we use Urban Dictionary, a solid “yes”:

(n) an arrogant and overcompensating fool, possibly with a mental and/or emotional complex involving penis envy that could require medical intervention

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