Ask A Mortician reacts to corpses in films

That part could have been edited more clearly. Show the tasting, add the disclaimer, and after that section, then show the dish of cremains being added to the mix.

She started the channel as a way to educate people on their rights in a very commercialized business that deals with (and often exploits) a very difficult part of life. Many of her videos are incredibly informative about the rights we all have under the law that a funeral home might not tell you, like that you don’t need a casket that costs $1000 of dollars and you don’t have to be embalmed to be buried. Many people aren’t aware that you can hold a wake at home with the body, another thing she’s talked about.

Some examples:

I also find her historical videos entertaining and informative. She did one on Gram Parsons not too long ago.

Much of her content as she’s become popular has been on topics related to death that people have specifically requested and she has a patreon to fund that. But the original goal of her channel was to educate people about their rights with regards to death and burial options. I’d say that’s a highly necessary given the over commercialization of the funeral industry since the civil war.

[ETA] But I find her death honestly approach refreshing and honest. I’m glad she advocates for the consumer, rather than for the industry. We need more people willing to do that in pretty much all fields. I can say I know a lot more about death, my rights, and the options open to me once I shuffle off this mortal coil. I’ve learned a great deal from her videos.


I haven’t seen Goonies. Too old.

Checked this out because of the Stand By Me corpse pic on the main page. Jumped out because I was thinking it was probably pretty accurate when I saw the movie about four hours earlier.

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If I may comment from the bottom of this narrow water-filled hole I find myself in, I would like to assert that GenX extends quite a way into the 80’s and that by the start of that decade GenXers who became parents would have been going, ‘Oh, so that’s how you get babies’.

100% agree. I’ve also read her books, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: And Other Lessons From the Crematory and Will The Cat Eat My Eyeballs?: And Other Questions About Dead Bodies. She’s a really funny and engaging writer, and the books are filled with great info and stories. Highly recommended!


Missouri almost made sky burials legal in 2019 with the Jedi Disposal Act.
It passed both houses of the legislature but was vetoed by the governor.


Yeah, her books are great, too.


I thoroughly enjoy Caitlin Doughty’s YouTube channel. Death is very interesting to me, because… I mean… Death is the Big One. The end of it all. Last stop. The great abyss. Party’s over.

I so want to be eaten by vultures! In the Dalai Lama biopic “Kundun” they show a brief scene of a Tibetan funeral where the body is chopped up and fed to the vultures. I’m all, yes please!


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