Ask Dr. Ruth: Watch the trailer for the new documentary about the iconic sex therapist

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Normally when I comment here, I’ll make jokes or mug for hearts, but I’ve always had a tremendous amount of respect for Dr. Ruth. I remember listening to her show in the late 80’s, when I was maturing just enough to start thinking (and having a lot of stupid questions) about sex. Before the internet, she was a line on information that was frankly taboo for just about everyone. A solid, cheerful supporter of safe sex, what was “normal” and what you should do to protect yourself. The funny accent and squeaky voice were quickly tempered by the fact that she was unflappable: a caller would be obviously nervous and flustered revealing their problem or fetish but to Dr. Ruth, you were safe. There were jokes but never at anyone’s expense and overall, I dunno, it didn’t make the idea of sex any less challenging to me, but it demystified it enough for me to realize that I too might have a place in the gene pool.


Dr. Ruth is the bombdigity. She has some great pointers when it comes to knocking boots with your significant other.

So say I.


I hope the documentary gets into that one time when Sam from Quantum Leap was transported into Dr. Ruth’s body in 1985.



Dr. Ruth wasn’t always on a career path to sex therapy. In fact, the reason she went back to college was because she was wounded while she was a Palestinian guerrilla. That’s badass! <3


I’m so glad they’re making documentaries about truly wonderful celebrities like Dr. Ruth and Mr. Rogers, and even more happy that the films are attracting large audiences and sparking a dialogue about something positive.


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