At first meeting since death of Nex Benedict, Walter Masterson calls out Owasso School Board for their hypocrisy and inaction

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Hutton puts the blame for Benedict’s death on what she calls rampant bullying and bigotry at the high school

Unfortunately, this kind of rotten culture is present in a lot of U.S. schools. Administrators with an authoritarian tendency begin seeing themselves more as prison wardens, with the bullys used as trustys/kapos.


What self-serving bullshit!
It doesn’t matter what the ‘community’ wants or needs, if Those In Charge refuse to do a damn thing about those wants and needs.

What an asshole!
And so is everyone who voted for him.


That “Devil’s Advocate” guy was a piece of work, wasn’t he? Complete denial of the events pointed out in the other speeches.

School staff already have the authority and ability to punish the students who bully other students. Any responsible adult has the ability to alert the police in a horrific incident that results in hospitalization and, later, death.

It doesn’t have to be on the other speakers to tell the school board how to do their jobs but they did point out the school staff didn’t actually do their jobs, as they already should be well aware. It doesn’t take a genius, either, to recognize people as people deserving of at least basic human respect. And understanding the responsibility of keeping the students in their charge safe. The school staff do not deserve commendations here.


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