Texas school board official proudly describes firing a high school principal for standing against racism

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she was adamant that she had a list of other educators in the school system with similar motives.

At long last, ma’am, have you left no sense of decency?


Everything is bigger in Texas, even the racism.


He said the quiet part out loud!


it is shocking how quickly the march of progress can be pushed back.


In her defence, it’s hard for her to relate when no one named Nakamura ever faced racism in America.

(/s if you need it)


Civilization is always a very thin veneer. It takes very little to reveal the violent, xenophobic apes that live under the surface.

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Heaven forbid any mention contrary to the Anglo-Hero narrative thread running through Texas culture/history! clutches pearls


It’s worth pointing out again that one of the current strategies for the fascists is to take over local school boards and town councils*. Bloomberg Citylab is about to release a podcast on the topic.

There’s also this podcast from Robert Evans on the subject.

[* ETA: and library commissions.



And yet, when suggesting that the loudest progressive voices could consider running for that office, the response is that it’s too dangerous! Those people make threats! I must be safe! Unless someone is willing to stand against this kind of takeover school systems will become more and more dangerous for kids of all kinds.


In some of those towns and counties out in Ameristan, it is genuinely dangerous. But as the podcasts I listed above discuss, there are progressives and liberals who fight back.


Don’t be fooled by the last name. Candidate Q&A: Grapevine-Colleyville ISD board of trustees Place 3 | Community Impact


She is actually as white as rice.


The way the fascist thugs handle it, they consider the family and children of any progressive candidate fair targets for harassment and threats. For a position with as little prestige and reward as school board member, not many will be willing to put their kids at risk. Seeing as we on the left don’t do that kind of shit, and absolutely should not start doing it, they pretty much have a monopoly on this particular “strategy.” It gives them a lock on so many seats by just scaring off any progressive voices.


The reward for being on the school board is working to guarantee the best possible education for all children. We are sinking under the weight of unrestricted, unopposed, bigots and zealots controlling our school systems. You don’t have to have kids to run for the school board.
All too often I hear lamentations about how horrible American schools are becoming or have become, without any acknowledgement that by letting the lunatics run the show we have done this to ourselves. Why did the strategy of filling these kinds of positions work? Because the left (particularly progressives) did nothing but whinge. Do they think it was easy or safe for people to sit on buses and at lunch counters? And yes, this is going to have as large an effect as desegregation if it isn’t stopped-only in the other direction. Already materials are being removed from libraries. Already LGBT+ kids are being targeted. Already religious affiliation is being forced into schools. We are abandoning our future because we think “this position doesn’t have much prestige”.


No, people are prioritizing the safety of their children, their family and themselves over a seat on a school board. There are people who might put themselves or their children at risk for a cause, but those folks are few and far between. I will not judge moms and dads who put the safety of their kids over .political causes, even ones that they feel are very important. I would not sacrifice my children on that altar either. As for “you don’t have to have kids to run for school board,” that is absolutely true, as evidenced by the many fascists who do so for the sole goal of pushing white supremacy and fascist ideology, and if there are folks (I am sure there are) on the left who are willing to do so, I hope they do. The point is, even without kids, they are subject to harassment, threats of violence and in some cases, actual violence. Their homes and livelihoods are threatened. The fascists face no such headwinds. It’s not as simple as you make it sound.


Once again:

You do you, and I will continue to do me; neither gets to speak for anyone else.


Very telling that the “How to Spot a Communist” film reel showed (presumed) communists marching with picket signs denouncing the KKK.


Are… you a member of your local school board?


I thought it was also telling that the “dirty commie” was reading a Commie newspaper where the headline was to a story about cops beating up union strikers.

I ran for my lo-cal school board about 10 years ago. It was a horrible experience, with people dragging my wife and kids through the mud in online chat groups. Never again.