Texas school board official proudly describes firing a high school principal for standing against racism

Nakamura is her married name. She is white, but her husband is Japanese.
That fact actually makes this so much worse.


So easily triggered by a relatively new symbol. Watch them implode when they see the next actual rainbow.


“I can’t be racist! I married one of those people!”


Chelsea Handler said it best about there being ‘three types of women that she despises’:

Women who hate other women, women who are married to men who hate women, and women who are racist but their ‘cover’ for it is being married to a member of a minority caste.


I have been.

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I know it’s kind of shallow, but she has me wondering if she’s not even a natural blond and is covering a darker hair color with a bleached blond look in an effort to appear even more white.


Wait, a woman known primarily for her role on the Trading Spouses reality show, isn’t fit to decide what Texas teachers should teacher? Well, I never. That is truly shocking


Whiteness is a malleable concept—it’ll keep expanding just as much as it has to, in order to keep Anglo-Saxons on top and Blacks and Native Americans at the bottom


Have you ever had bricks thrown through your windows and received regular death threats?

Because I have, back in 2003-4, and I still have PTSD from it. I had to move away from where I grew up, where my extended family mostly lived, to get away from the violence. I can’t blame anyone for not wanting to go through that themselves.

Of course, you could get antifa candidates, but then it is up to Democrats to support them. Will they, or will they just go all Zentrum in response?


The latter, of course. The Dem establishment doesn’t really support liberals and progressives in these roles either, though, because they’re too “small-time” for the state and national party organisations to give any thought to.

Meanwhile, the GOP has incorporated these offices into a “farm team” talent-scouting and local influence operation for decades. Now they’re stepping it up. I’m unsurprised that, per @Scientist above, this particular hatemonger turns out to be a Z-list reality TV contestant. That’s exactly the kind of Fox-ready local candidate the death-cult party would encourage to run and would consider for higher office.


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