At least two of the candidates for Los Angeles city council District 11 are real jerks

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Thanks, Jason. Forwarding this to people I know in the district.


Here’s hoping they get that new job at Arby’s in November.


The Los Angeles diaspora that are moving out to the High Desert seems to be as well very happy to leave the L.A. politics behind, and even happier to tell you the crap living conditions they left too.

This comment has in no way been influenced by my visceral dislike of L.A.


So my hopes that some Soda Jerks from some retro establishments decided to enter politics were quickly dashed after I read the article.


I’m surprised it’s only two of the candidates…


For the rest of his life, he should only ever be referred to as “the ineptly named greg good.”


Streets for All are good people. I don’t know anything about Mr. Good.

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We had Tracy Park over to our house and listened to what she had to say.

She’s got our vote.

So this doesn’t concern you? What qualification out weighs honesty?


Frankly, the ability to pull this council district out of the weeds. I believe all campaigns play things close to the chest in this manner, and given the corruption in general around LA, I think she’s much better than the common run. I believe no one who passes all the litmus tests of sanctity proposed by all the different left-wing activist groups would be electable, if it comes to that.

Also, to be blunt, I’ve heard this accusation from no other source, and to me it sounds exactly like the kind of thing Bonin’s operation would fabricate and plant.

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