AT&T can't quite apologize for its tasteless 9/11 advertisement

Seriously? It’s a tribute.

While I disagree with the “Never Forget” rhetoric that has been used to trample our freedoms, and I’m not one to shill for AT&T or any of the complicit telcos that helped with that trampling, there’s nothing nefarious about taking a picture of the memorial light show.

To the twits that are offended: get a grip. It’s just a tribute, not anything to go all bonkers over.

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This Onion piece is relevant:

We’re so blinded by The Next Big Deal! that we forget what is important.

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Can this be real? Even cheap motels offer free coffee and muffins, every morning.

Yes, at least in may people’s eyes, including N$A Director Keith Alexander.

Since AT&T is front and center (well, next to Verizon anyway) in that scandal, the more they can promote the “Never Forget” sentiment, the greater the population that is ok with their release of call records.

I’m with you, SB. Let’s forget that infamous day, roll back excessive security efforts, restore our freedoms, and recognize that occasionally, stupid people do stupid things that affect more than just themselves, and sometimes it’s not worth the human costs to try to stop them.

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Ah, nevermind my commented (edited out because I realized it was stupid).

Holy hot shitballs. Real:

Weird. It is as if non-Americans view the WTC terrorist attack as one world history event among many others.


The quote by the owner is the best part of the story:

“We’re a little hurt by the fact that people are putting such a negative context on this,” Mr Watts said in an interview with the Associated Press news agency. “I thought people would appreciate it.”

He added: "We could close, but then all these people with their negative attitudes, they win.’’

In two sentences, he manages to be hurt that people are offended, then indirectly compares those people who are offended to terrorists, before claiming that it’s practically his patriotic duty to remain open for business in order to show these terrorists that America is undefeated. I don’t think the Onion could have done better.

I am only surprised the offer wasn’t good between 8:46 am and 10:28 am

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I recall a Daily Show episode where they interviewed someone who essentially said that September 11th happened to small town America and that people in cities could never understand it.


Maybe it’s just me but so many people seem to be in a race to see who can be the most outraged.


Some historical events lend themselves to marketing campaigns better than others.

It’s been interesting to see how the last couple of election cycles showcased certain right-wing politicians who loved to invoke the horror of 9/11 while simultaneously dismissing NYC as not being part of “The Real America.”


Weird. That doesn’t even look like the Alamo.


It’s an unbelievably dick move; but not actually a terribly new genre of strategy: Do you think the people most concerned about the Negro’s insatiable menace to the virtue of White Womanhood were primarily drawn from the circles of feminists concerned about women’s autonomy and security?

In the same sense, New York is a depraved pit, inferior to small town values; but their suffering (at the hands of a foreign power) is an insult to the honor of all Real Americans, even if they don’t qualify as such.

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so the offense is the corporate ad? i guess i don’t understand. i mean it kind of makes sense, as most of the images of the night sky for September 11, 2013 on facebook posts, or flickr will be smartphone cameras no? so it kind of symbolizes our culture? i guess i don’t get it.

I see a picture of an Independence Day style alien attack. Either than or some still from GhostBusters. I am confused.

I showed this photo to my coworker and she thought that the Marriott logo (which looks like two towers falling over) was in poor taste.

I can’t help it, the absurdity of all of this makes me laugh. Helplessly.

(9/11 was a stupid rotten day for me, I was working in lower Manhattan and had to walk 4 hours to get home, it was the most terrifying day of my life, so don’t think I’m taking the tragedy lightly. This is just… so stupid.)

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I found the Onion parody ad the least gross. WTF is wrong with people???