Atlantic staff writer David Frum angers Trump voters by calling them obese drug abusers who enjoy "weirdly homoerotic fan images of Trump"

This is what he looks like to them in their mind’s eye:


A large part of his appeal is that he has been sutured into red-state America’s subconsciousness. He was on The Apprentice for 14 years. He is a familiar as The Professor on Gilligan’s Island or the Chia Pet. He was the product in a saturation advertisement campaign. He is now part of their psyche. When we criticize him, they take it personally because he is inside their person.

Yeah… that certainly contributed to it… his “billionaire” lifestyle. But he was kind of a joke, a clown, an imcompetent (especially in the Northeast), especially after 3 bankruptcies. It was his TV persona (which even fooled me!) that firmed up his reputation and repetitively stamped his brand into the common (hu)man’s mind.


“…and the worst part of the whole ordeal is…they were delicious”

But then we wouldn’t have jokes like,

“you’re so incompetent, you catered The Donner Party”.

I’m pretty sure the statement well predates the Apprentice. Trump was heavily covered in the NY tabloids and regularly featured on television from the 80’s. Remember he had a Cameo in the second Home Alone in 92. first time I heard the line was from a my friends dad, after a school trip that stopped off at Trump Tower. We told him it was the ugliest building we’d ever seen. That was around 94.

The apprentice was more of a late hail mary after his multiple bankruptcies came to a head.


I first read that as “He is now part of their psychosis”.




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