GOP strategist says Trump supporters are "childless single men who masturbate to anime"


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Some people grow out of masturbating to anime, but will anybody grow out of Trump supporting?


I do not, i repeat DO NOT, support Trump!


Breaking: 4chan’s /b endorses Trump.


Do they mean it or do they just want to yank some chains?


If he wins, then they will grow out of it fairly quickly. See the mirror situation with Obama aka Oh-bummer. History repeats, usually as a farce.


I love it when wingnuts eat each other.

It’s just survival of shittest, boys!


He’s basically describing young men who are disappointed and frustrated with their lives. If he went into it in more detail, we would probably find that they are unemployed or unsuccessfully employed. They usually don’t have a great educational background, either.

In Syria they join ISIS. In post World War I Germany, they became Brownshirts. They’re looking for a way to Be Somebody. They feel that certain parts of society are holding them back from achieving their true potential. A charismatic leader can swoop them up and wield them like a hammer.


Hungryjoe - If you haven’t read Eric Hoffer’s The True Believer I would highly recommend it. He lays out that same argument in a very compelling manner. It’s a terrific read


Masterbation seems to be a trend this week.


/pol pretty much has a hard-on for Trump…


but that’s the too-easy answer.
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1em indeed! Couldn’t have said it better myself.


Could the street side jerk off phone booths actually be Trump/Palin voting booths?


oh, they mean it.


You have my vote, on that.


Leaving aside the question of Trumps idiotic supporters for a second… If that’s what your strategist can comes up with, you probably need a new strategist.


/pol/ does, but most racists do.


* some expression of disappointment in boingboing because of kink shaming? *


CNN, February 2016: “Former GOP strategist Rick Wilson, a childless, single man, accidentally sent a staffer a link to his massive personal folder of anime, labeled 'To Masturbate To”. The sobbing Wilson admitted to privately supporting Trump in between frequent daily sessions of anime-accompanied masturbation."


He then continued “I’m not done here, hold on. Ted Cruz supporters are married couples with 10 or more children who asphyxiate auto-erotically to slowed-down muppet babies youtube videos, Hillary Clinton supporters are divorced women with ivy-league-educated daughters who masturbate to genderbent slashfic flip-books of G.I Joe “The more you know” segments and Bernie Sanders supporters are people with 1.5 biological children and 2.3 adopted children who masturbate to surreally rotoscoped 80s aerobics tapes.”