"ATM Leaderboard" displays users' bank account balances

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Would you put your card into the machine?

Fuck no. But I imagine there may be some bad actors closely watching the people that do and planning how and where they’re going to put the leader’s card into a different ATM.


Yeah, not a chance in hell would I trust that machine and it has nothing to do with how much money I have.


Exactly. What a person has on their bank account doesn’t necessarily reflect their current net worth; many financially independent people (and most abundant wealthy people) have their eggs in multiple baskets; including real estate assets and investment portfolios.


In my case.
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Probably The criminals would have pity on me and would give some spare dimes.


Why do they need to know how much money I have? Do they set prices based on how much money they think I have?

The account tied to my ATM only carries a balance to pay the current bills. The real money is in a special account. Money gets transfered as needed and only enough for the current bills.

What a silly way to judge people.


Jokes on you, I’m poor


I think this is a perfectly appropriate installation for Art Basel, notorious as a venue for rich douchebags to play moneyball with fine art.

If I ever found myself at the event, there’s no way I’d put my card in the ATM. The very thought of exposing my finances to strangers makes my eye twitch like Chief Inspector Dreyfus’.

The “leader” with $2.9-million sitting in a chequing/debit account is basically announcing to the world – complete with photo – that he’s a financial idiot.


Hmm. Interesting.

I wouldn’t trust this installation to not be saving my card number and PIN along with a screengrab of my balance. But I also don’t think I’d put my card in there even if I did have that trust. Even if I was wearing a mask so that the photo couldn’t be used to track me down and mug me.

The list of people on the leaderboard who used their own face would be pretty useful, though. Who has more money than sense, and how can I use this information in ways somewhat more legal than “carding some shit”?




Yeah, that.
“Put your financial details into this unsecured machine.”

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Machine sucks data, “artist” retrieves data and figures out just how much you can lose before noticing or caring enough to fix the issue.
The sellers want to know if you have enough to buy the art, or if being pleasant to you is a waste of their energy.

Would you put your card into the machine?

Not just no. FUCK NO!


Youtube has served ads to me in which an unscrupulous speaker tries to convince me that his ponzi scheme will work because he’s wealthy. The ATM, and the balance, are but props.

Please tell me that is performance art and the top 10 will be mugged by artists?

Serious OPSEC fail.

Also, aren’t accounts only insured up to $100k? I guess the rich are… banking… on their bank not going under if they have millions in one account.

My generous interpretation of this “art” is that it’s a commentary on conspicuous consumption, you know how a lot of people buy fancy things just to show off. Look here’s a photo of me in an exotic place wearing fine jewelry and designer clothes. Now some of them are changing their tune when their wealth is assigned a black and white number and attached to their face.
My guess is that some folks just want to be “thought of” as wealthy rather than “known to” be wealthy; having access to money rather than being a source of it.


Judging by their past efforts, I’d say that’s almost right. I’d say it’s a straightforward, “hey rich douchebags - why waste your time buying “art” for stupid sums to show off how rich you are? Cut out the middleman. Display your bank balance.”


From the linked article:

This kind of installation is as much about the interaction of the attendees as the display itself.

Absolutely brilliant if you ask me.


Exit through the gift shop…


Man that Reddit thread is hilarious. So many “I would never show off my considerable assets that way, by the way did I mention I have money?” posts.