Auction: Darth Vader's actual helmet from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Probably smells like sneezes in there.

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The faint residual scent of David Prowse’s favorite pimento loaf sandwich is another Holy Grail of science fiction film aficionados.


A whiff 'o sci-fi.

Wicked witches are tough on pumps.


Interesting how Empire-speak lends itself well to Capitalism.


i know it’s not the same at all, but if you just want a realistic looking one, the “black series” helmet that came out a couple years ago is great. Even has detail on the inside and battery operated sound effects! I got mine when it was discounted to like 50 bucks at wal mart, but i think you can find them at about the retail price online.

No lie, if I had the means, I probably would try to get my hands on it.

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