Aura digital photo frame allows family photo sharing

The best use case I can think of for digital photo frames is “My parents are coming over for a visit! Quick, change all the Mapplethorpe photos in the hallway to pictures from our last vacation! No, not THAT vacation!




This was exactly what I was wondering. If they’re not locked down at least reasonably well, goatse hijinks would seem to be an inevitability.

I get it that it is possible the cost of the app and/or the hardware may include (at least initially) some coverage for the cost of its IoT functionality, but overall, I sense it is not reasonable to expect “no sub fees” = “eternal generosity and kindness of manufacturer” etc.

I do think most moms would probably be really happy to get fun current ever-changing pictures of their kids and grandkids though, so well done re that.

My “felt cute might delete later” and “nudez just for me” selfies would 100% end up being displayed in my parent’s living room.


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