Australia bans Duff Beer




They’re afraid The Simpsons is hip and with-it? I love governments.


That seems like a perfectly cromulent concern.


Honestly it seems ok to me. We’d be pretty annoyed if Budweiser were in The Simpsons. This is essentially the same thing.


That’s a bloody outrage, it is! I’m gonna take this all the way ta the Prime Minister!
Hey! Mr. Prime Minister! AN-DY!

Aye, mates!  What's the good word?


Seems appropriate


can’t wait to see how the simpsons reacts to this one. maybe australia’s still stinging from the last time they visited.


Next step: shut down Feral Brewing Co. to protect Emil Minty.

(Is Oz still part of the Commonwealth? Will this push Canada into putting the kibosh on the La Fin Du Monde label in an effort to keep their underage Goths safe? : -)


Why is the brand of beer problematic for being recognizeable, but the substance itself is not?

How is beer in general somehow not “instantly recognisable and highly appealing to children and young people under the legal drinking age”?

If your argument is that kids will want to drink “Duff Beer” because it was on the Simpsons, then surely showing any beer on television is going to make kids want to drink beer in general?


As if Fosters or Budweiser or any other major brand of beer isn’t already instantly recognizable to children - or do they think parents automatically turn off their TV’s every time a beer ad comes on?


It’s not like it says “Duff Fosters” – do Australian children even know what “beer” means?


Seem to remember something about this point being used in court against one of the many unofficial Duff imitators, but can’t find the exact reference, so I might be getting confused. There’s also a lot of unsubstantiated quotes from Matt Groening saying the pretty much the same thing, too.

And it’s not like the market isn’t flooded with crappy beer already, so…


If it’s currently a thing and they are discontinuing it I foresee a bright future for the existing cans in the collectors market.


I can’t believe a country with at least five different national anthems (Waltzing Matilda, Home Among The Gumtrees, True Blue, Down Under, Advance Australia) should worry about kids being confused by Duff Beer.


In my experience if you ask any real Australian they’ll tell you Australian for “beer” is “an ice cold tube of the amber fluid”. Foster’s is for people who think Outback Steakhouse is foreign cuisine.


No Khe San on that list? 0_o

Edit: I’d love to see “Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again” adopted as the Anthem. It would make formal state occasions so much more fun. :smiley:


I submit that any child who watches The Simpsons and WANTS to drink Duff Beer has not been watching it very closely.

The show has always been pretty unflinching in its depiction of alcoholism.


One of my favorite characters:


Ah, Foster’s…the beer so crap, you can only buy it in Australia if you go to a specialist import shop.


the Simpsons also regularly shows smoking, so i guess Australia is going to stop selling all cigarets based on the same logic?