Australia says cash about to become illegal for purchases over $7,500


Even if someone isn’t a gamer, I think it’s easier to wrap one’s head around it than just talking about privilege. Nothing wrong with using metaphors to explain complicated ideas.


I’ve paid more than that for projects to people whose immigration status I didn’t bother to verify. And how do you propose the unbanked save?(thrift being, according to prominent nagging moralists, a virtue lacking in the poor)


But did you pay them in bills of such a large denomination?


Smokeless what now?


As a smoker, my take on this is that it’s part of a giant conspiracy to ban cigarettes and tobacco by stealth. My 50 grams of tobacco (takes about 10 days to smoke at 10 ciggies a day) currently costs nearly $75. The cost started rapidly rising about five years ago when the government raised the tariff/tax thing to 10 per cent annually (I think… maths not my strong point but clearly remember when the same size pack was $33 and it went up to about $37 because of the government impost. Used some bullshit rationalisation about using the funds to supplement the medical system because smokers use it more. But the funds weren’t from the medical system in the first place…)

Anyway. My theory is that soon tobacco packs will be priced above $7500 each, therefore you won’t be able to pay cash for them, therefore smokers will quit, therefore the government will say the demand for it isn’t there anymore, therefore - banned by stealth. If this doesn’t make sense… shut up, it’s my conspiracy theory! /foil hats off




No, but I would have had denominations larger than 100 usd been available.


I guess it is a person taste thing, but I get antsy if I’m holding a £50.


So people will be buying 2 half cars for 7500 each?


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