Authentic early American eyewear


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They are beautiful! I don’t blame you for splurging on them.


Wouldn’t these be replica early American eyewear? The authentic ones are much older.


Those are nice, although pretty pricey. It never occurred to me that such a company existed. I have always worn antique and vintage glasses, but I just bought them at auctions and estate sales. I take the frames to my regular glasses place, and they make and install the lenses. Even 18th century glasses with oddly shaped lenses were never a problem. Here is the pair I am wearing today-


Refurbed? I’d be worrying that you’re buying Lincoln’s Axe*.

* (“Yup, it’s Lincoln’s axe all right. Sure, I’ve replaced the head a few times, and that’s the 6th handle, but it’s Lincoln’s axe.”)

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