Author Don Winslow shreds Joe Manchin for "standing with racists" in new video

Originally published at: Author Don Winslow shreds Joe Manchin for "standing with racists" in new video | Boing Boing


Meanwhile today’s news has this. Hope it gets some legs.



unfortunately, joe manchin is not alone and is likely to be a front man for a larger group of democrats which i call “the chickenshit caucus”. this twitter thread is one of the best analyses i’ve read recently–


Fucking Joe Lieberman. Why am I so unsurprised? Even when he’s not around, he’s around. Like herpes.


By blocking the voting rights act, he’s trying to ensure his relevance. If the GOP can’t cheat, it loses any chance of having a majority – even a slim one. If the GOP can’t come close to a near 50-50 split, Manchin and others like him can’t hold the Dems hostage anymore.

Sooner or later he’s going to pull a Lieberman and leave the party. They might as well beat him to it and kick his DINO butt out now.


“Why would Joe Manchin, a supposed Democrat, be on the wrong side of the bridge? Why would he stand with racists? Why would he vote to suppress Black voters?”

Because Joe Manchin cares only about power, money and re-election, not about doing anything good with his job. And WV won’t re-elect him if he does anything good. So he’s not about to get on the right side of history, when instead he can appeal to hate and lies and get re-elected.


Kyrsten Sinema’s over here like “Single-handedly? What’s a woman gotta post to her Instagram to get some recognition, god dammit?”


She has one foot out the door and the other on a banana peel, adios to her BS.


I think it may be a little premature to be calling the 2024 elections.

I don’t, the candidates are lining up to primary her, never to early to boot fake progressives in the ass.


She won her last primary by 60 points. I think you may be overestimating Arizona’s interest in electing progressives.

ETA I’m not saying she’ll coast to reelection; I’m saying I don’t know what’s going to happen. But I suspect if she does lose, it’ll be because Arizona voters are put off by her performative bullshit, not her politics.

You’re under-estimating the state of Arizona turning Blue, and as well under-estimating the patience of voters with disingenuous show-boaters that can’t or won’t produce what they promised. She made a fool of herself, she will have nobody to blame but herself.


Yeah, people have been telling me that for over 20 years. I’m pretty comfortable with my record of guessing when Arizona wasn’t going to go blue (2000-2016) and when it was (2018 and 2020).

Sinema got elected by triangulating. It’s what she’s built her career on. And even if somebody beats her in a primary, that doesn’t mean they win in a general.

I’m not saying a Democrat won’t be sitting in Sinema’s seat come January 2025. But I think if they are, and if it’s not Sinema herself, odds are pretty good it’s going to be another middle-of-the-roader like her or Kelly. (Me, I’d like to see Grant Woods primary her. He’s still more conservative than I am – he was a Republican until 2018, after all --, but I think he legitimately cares about doing what’s best for Arizona rather than what’s best for getting him attention.)

and as well under-estimating the patience of voters with disingenuous show-boaters that can’t or won’t produce what they promised.

No, see my edit. I think that if Sinema does lose in 2024, it’s much more likely that it’ll be because Arizona voters don’t like her antics than because they don’t like the way she votes.

But I’m not going to confidently assert that’s what’s going to happen, because predicting the outcome of an election that’s still more than three years out is silly.

Hell, if there’s one thing people should have learned since 2016, it’s that you often can’t predict the outcome of an election on election day.

we’re still able to get things done through reconciliation, especially since the parliamentarian ruled there could be more than one per session. that’s only possible if schumer is the majority leader and will stop the instant macconnell becomes the majority leader. this is why we must get out and elect more democrats to the senate in 22.


Which is going to be a lot harder to do if we don’t pass legislation to stop voter disenfranchisement at the state level.


I’m sure Joe Manchin can count, but even if 93.9% of WV is white, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are all committed to suppressing the votes of folks who look different from themselves. Some are, for sure, but I’m guessing a significant fraction of WV voters believe in the proposition that all men are created equal; If that number can eventually get to 51%, then Joe’s vote for reform will be secure.


We really, really need to win big in 2022 so that everything doesn’t come down to Manchin and Sinema…


Or maybe the half of the senate who are Republicans have something to do with it. And maybe the constituency that Manchin serves have something to do with it. Maybe Q has something to do with it.

The only people who I am pretty sure have nothing to do with his positions are pundits whose consensus building approach is shaming the guy who is closer to agreeing with them than all the above mentioned.

I mean if there is anyone who we don’t want to demolish it is our tie breaker vote.

When is this going to go from not funny to really not funny? People hurt when these fucking tools manipulate the world. I say stop meme-ing nazis and racists and start punching them.

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