Author Don Winslow shreds Joe Manchin for "standing with racists" in new video

This actually appears to be the bigger story. Excoriating Manchin for voting on something he never voted for in his life is a waste of money IMHO (glad it’s not my money being wasted though.)

Manchin is a master politician. Democrats should be glad he’s on our side—I just wish other moderate Dems were as adroit.

Kinda hard to do while commenting on bbs.


Say what now?


If he was on “your side”, then he wouldn’t be blocking or be a question mark for various Democrat lead bills.

I can print a name tag that says anything I want - doesn’t make it so.

He’s already changed from a repub to a Democrat. I wonder if they’ll let him back in?


An overwhelming number of WV residents,70%, approve of the For the People Act. They are all in favor (60% or more) of the other bills that are in question.
Joe Manchin, I’m pretty sure, was one of the original sponsors of the For the People Act. Hmmm, I wonder what changed his mind to oppose it? Russia?

Will it increase and preserve their power? That’s all that Yertle and the leadership care about. It’s not like good governance or bettering the economic prospects of their non-wealthy constituents matters to them.

Manchin is not much better in that regard. His primary (but not his only) concern is his power. This is why he likely won’t ask to return. He’d rather be a power broker DINO than he would just another Republican, so he’ll keep pretending that bipartisanship is possible with the Party of Demonstrable Bad Faith.

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