Joe Manchin's History of Democracy

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It floored me when I realized that the filibuster required 60 votes instead of 60% of senators voting. The 1/6 commission vote had way more than 60% of votes in favor, but republicans didn’t even have to show up to defeat it.


Manchin says he’s against the current voter rights bill because it’s too partisan. OK, Joe, what’s your amendment to the bill? …crickets…


Joe Manchin’s History of… his Daughter - didn’t know anything about her till yesterday via reddit. Reddit comment below.

"Lol, Joe Manchin doesn’t even need to be on the Koch’s payroll.
You know who Joe Manchin’s daughter is? Heather Manchin Bresch.

  • You know what her job is? CEO of Mylan, a $20B pharmaceutical company.
  • You who got her that job? Joe Manchin told the previous CEO of Mylan that his daughter needed a job while they were at a WVU basketball game.
  • You know how she got that job? By applying with a fake resume that included a fake MBA, but still having a real daddy Senator.
    She’s the one who increased the price of Epipens that save you from anaphylactic shock from $50 to $600.Then Joe Manchin rammed a bill through the Senate that forced every school in America to buy them at that inflated price.Mylan earned $1.1B off that".

They could convict the President with 40 for, 19 against, and not even have sixty in the room.


F U Joe Manchin.

Everyone is thinking it.


Manchin: “I have the power now.”

McConnell: “Keep the filibuster, block your own voting bills, don’t allow the Dems to do anything, and I’ll make sure you get re-elected in your conservative district.”

Manchin: “Fair deal.”


His wife Gayle also spearheaded making schools buy epipens to keep in stock for emergencies while Heather Bresch was CEO, and then shortly after the federal government recommendation was for it to be copied nationwide. The entire family worked on an openly corrupt operation with no consequence and people still act like this guy has some sort of principles he follows.


Yup…rotten apple, rotten tree



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I, for one, applaud Joe Manchin’s adherence to bipartisanship, effortlessly combining the evil of the GOP with the ineffectiveness of the Democratic Party.


BUT… If he actually switches parties we have Mitch as Majority Leader again. No. Thank. You.

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One or two more dem senators in 2022 and Manchin’s power goes to zero.



…the Mitch looks almost human.

I don’t know what he is “smiling” about, but,
if he’s “smiling” you know it’s about something bad.


So, from this side of the pond, he sounds like a typical Repuplican politician. Can an American explain to me why he’s in the Democratic party? Why haven’t the dropped him years ago for a different candidate?

It’s not so easy in the US. The party cannot just drop a candidate; they have to wait for a primary election (essentially a qualifying race among members of the same party vying to be the party’s nominee) and field an opposing candidate, and then that candidate has to win. Primary elections usually take place a few months before the general election, which in the case of the Senate is once every six freaking years. Manchin was last elected in 2018, so what you describe may in fact happen in 2024.

…However, West Virginia is a fairly conservative state, so it is not at all likely that a challenger in a primary election would win against Manchin (West Virginia primaries are semi-closed, meaning that they allow Democrats and unaffiliated voters to vote for Democratic candidates in primaries) and it is even less likely that a primary winner other than Manchin would win in the general election (since incumbents have a built-in advantage, and Manchin didn’t exactly blow away his opponent in 2018).

As for why Manchin himself does not switch parties (which is actually much easier to do), I am really not sure at all… It is possible that he is a relic of a Southern Democratic Party that no longer exists, but does not see any electoral advantage in switching parties. I am sure that he enjoys the power that he currently holds as the guy on the fence.


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