Automatically mute dorks who pay for Twitter Blue, on birdy hellsite

Desktop denizens: I do not know why you persist in haunting that henious hole, but, as it is dangerous to go alone, I present you this: a rickety, kitbashed, Blueser blocker.

This is NOT compatible with the extension NoNFT, and exists as a stopgap until NoNFT is updated to have blue blocking.

By default, this mutes Twitter Blue subscribers, so you can later find them and Block them, if you wish. You can set it to autoblock, but be warned: it’s damn good.

Desktop only. Mac, Linux, Windows, ChromeOS. All chrome and derviatives supported.

Install instructions
Unzip somewhere in your downloads folder
Go to settings → extensions
After reviewing source code, choose: Load Unpacked
aim inside folder you unpacked it into
press OK

Sauce in zip file.


Thanks, think I’ll just avoid twitter entirely instead.


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