Avatar: The Way of Water bombs in China

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Avatar: The Way of Water bombs


It would be a hit If It was released in Summer.


from the rick romero institute of “no shit” reporting?

im just completely unsurprised and gobsmacked that this is even an article.

did they miss the part where china is LOCKED DOWN (they “relaxed” a few “zero-covid” restrictions for december but are still under curfew and state controls)?

why are they going to go to the movies when they can barely leave their homes to work and eat?


Not true.

I’m in China (in Xi’an) and there are, as far as I can see, no restrictions.

There is, however, a lot of covid, and many people are choosing to avoid crowded places (or are sick at home).


Yep. Got a friend over there who just traveled cross country to Universal Studios Beijing. :roll_eyes:


Did you miss the part where they ended zero-covid?


If China’s movie theaters were still shut down then how could this film be underperforming expectations there? Do you think the studios are dumb enough to expect big box office numbers in a country where the box offices were all closed?


Huh, people don’t want to go to the theater during a pandemic that’s starting to kill a lot of people in China? Weird - why can’t they be like the US, and just pretend it’s not happening? Won’t anyone think of the corporate profits!?

At least it’s a timing issue, and not a “Star Wars sequel problem,” where they released some sequels to movies that hadn’t ever been widely released in China and had no fan base. They can do a re-release of Avatar 2: The Wetting, and it’ll probably do fine.

Now everyone’s getting covid, which doesn’t create a great environment for getting people to theaters either, though.


I’m aware, but they ended zero-covid, which was my point.


COVID…sudden release of zero COVID regulations combined with lack of vaccination = lots of backups at the morgue.

Who would go to a movie in China now?!

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