Wednesday's show producers had Jenna Ortega perform her famous dance scene while she was sick with Covid

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Dumbshits pretending like the pandemic magically went away are roecisely the reason why this pandemic has not gone away, and probably never will.

(Also culpable, obvs, are the racists and capitalists preventing global south countries from producing their own vaccines)


Or if they’re not licensing vaccine, making and distributing enough for everyone. And China for allowing nationalism to blind them to the fact their vaccine isn’t good.


i thought hollywood was doing a lot more than that to take care of actors. strict covid protocols my ass. if someone gets sick during a global pandemic you should assume the worst. you aren’t following the precautionary principle if you aren’t taking precautions


china’s vaccine didn’t need to be good so long as they were using other methods of infection control in addition to the vaccine. the swiss cheese model demonstrates that individual layers of protection can be imperfect so long as there are other layers to help cover up those holes.

by contrast, the west’s insistence of relying exclusively on vaccines means there’s nothing covering up the holes


I’ve had COVID all because a co-worker decided to come into work despite being sick to avoid taking PTO. If you are sick stay at home or in your movie lot trailer. Seems like a pretty good truthism to me.

That said, Jenna KILLED that scene. Out of the park.


once the positive test was confirmed production removed Jenna from set."

A lateral flow test takes minutes, in front of your own eyes. You do NOT need to wait for a lab test to know when to remove someone from a set as a precaution!

Whoever was in charge there is an exploitative fuckwit.


You’d think it would be fairly clear that if you have to give someone shots to keep them working, they probably shouldn’t be working. Whether you have a positive test of what they’re sick with at that point is not even relevant.


Yes, helping transmit “only” flu or RSV isn’t helping anyone.


Everyone is to blame in this, some more than others. The director/producers really ought to know better. And as the title star of this series, you’d think the actress would have some leverage to say no.

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Producers: How are you feeling today?

Jenna Ortega: Like death.

Producers: Perfect, that’s exactly the Wednesday Addams spirit we’re shooting for! Up and at 'em!


Clearly it was budget & schedule protocols and not Covid protocols they were following. With her showing symptoms already, any actual COVID protocol would have required a clear test before allowing her on the set.

Is this the same production company as Rust?

“Strict COVID protocols” WTF


You would think so, but there is enormous pressure placed on actors (and others on a production) to work when ill since “we are burning thousands of dollars every minute you are out”. It’s not how it should be, but it is extremely common

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There’s also the problem that a rising actor’s career can be cut short if they get a reputation for being “difficult.” That’s one bit of leverage that people like Harvey Weinstein have been able to use to exploit young actors in Hollywood for generations—do as you’re told or risk getting blacklisted.


Back in Vaudeville days she’d be known as a “Real Trouper”.

Tobey Maguire, for example, wasn’t believed when he was having issues with his back and was almost replaced as Spider-Man.


Oh come on, the over the counter rapid test takes 15 minutes maximum to give the result.

if it had spread they would have wound up burning even more money. they gambled and apparently it worked out, but if they keep gambling they’re going to lose.


rapid tests have their uses, but they’re also prone to false negatives. the false negatives can be mitigated to a certain extent by testing multiple times across multiple days, but that would have taken even longer