Avocado farmers routinely victimized by organized crime

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I would guess the only answer is to hire armed mercenaries to guard every shipment, which probably leads to other problems down the line.


They’d probably be the exact same people.

This seriously impacted lime shipments into the US a few years ago, too. Like, every local store was wiped out for a month. As long as the Mexican government runs the place like a mafia warehouse, North America’s food supply will be in grave danger constantly.


Particularly when it comes to cash crops that come from trees there’s little farmers can do. It’s not like they can easily switch to something else, and even if they did they’d likely still be harassed by organized crime. There’s nowhere to go for them beyond selling off the business to someone else that’s more willing to put up with the BS.


Farmers need to fight back!

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Avacado envy? Yes, it’s a thing.

I wouldn’t be surprised to find out the cops and soldiers are moonlighting as avocado thieves to supplement their government pay. Seeing as they are already “armed” and “well organized”.

Add “wide-spread corruption within their ranks” and “their regional and national governments couldn’t give two shits that their shipments of the fatty fruit are routinely pirated” and it seems even more likely.

Dirty cops and corrupt governments don’t work hard to investigate the crimes they are committing. They will work hard to cover them up, however.

Money, money, money. It brings about such wonderful things.

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I have a friend in Mexico City and he confirms that there is a huge organized crime problem in the country that goes far, far beyond drugs or human smuggling. It’s totally invisible to most of the world and it’s causing the country to rapidly deteriorate into anarchy. This is not a good time to be visiting Mexico.

His father owns a ranch and is constantly dealing with cartels who want his property for gasoline theft - huachicoleros. So far he’s been able to hold them off but it’s getting very dangerous and there’s no one who can protect them.


The fatty fruits must flow.

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