Awaken Akira pays tribute to animated classic


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In my head, Akira, Blade Runner, and Mad Max are all different regions of the same post-apocalyptic world.




Now write that book that connects all three, please.


I think that one’s called Dominion Tank Police




Also god damn do i love Akira. The last act of the movie is incredible and sheer madness animation-wise. The only movie that comes close that i’ve seen is Paprika, which has some crazy complex hand drawn scenes.


Have you seen any of Yuasa’s stuff? Seems Lu Over The Wall might be getting something of a wider release later this year, though I didn’t like it as much as Mindgame or Night is Short, Walk On Girl.


Website doesn’t work on two different browsers… (can’t get to the pages below the splash). Huh… Youtube has my back, and, apparently there’s music that I didn’t get on the website’s splash, either.


I love Paprika’s animation, and especially enjoyed the opener. Alas I found the story overall to be the weakest of Satoshi Kon’s work. Perhaps my expectations were raised too high my Millenium Actress, Tokyo Godfathers, and Paranoia Agent. :slight_smile:


Yeah the story was very weak but I definitely have an appreciation for the work that went into it. His other stuff is pretty great :slight_smile:


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