Awesome tips for getting cheap airfares with Google Flights

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Mixed opinion here. On the face, these are useful instructions. In practicality they’re not going to mean anythying for most people.
I can count the number of people on one hand who I personally know that book flexible destinations and dates…even if only one of those, the number doesn’t grow very much. Sure, some friends have taken promo deals for new routes, but I haven’t seen interest go beyond that.
Likewise–I’m a huge fan of working in amazing layovers…I met my girlfriend on 20 hours in London last year, plus I’ve had 10+ hour stops in MAD, PTY, ICN, IST, FRA, MEX and SIN, and some paid “day trip” routings such as SPN. Other people think they’re cool, but nobody really wants to do them.
FYI the article really skips over some miles truths: earning rates vary wildly, and discount fares on partners are now often earning 50%, 30%, or 0% of distance flown. Likewise, partner flight redemption can range from simple to nearly impossible. For a single business class seat halfway around the world, I’ve spent evenings for a week to plan out routing options and then a couple of hours on a call (at a specific time block to capture low wait times and to likely get a specific call center location) to assemble it together for an agent.

Hmm. I don’t know much about the airline cards to get miles, i might have to get one before i plan to fly a lot this year ( i have two trips abroad planned). I checked out the 3 aforementioned sites on the article and the results don’t seem any different from other sites, the advantage is that it seems a little more user-friendly and quick to use.

Not sure anyone else is commentiong on this article any more but if you have recommendations on airline mile cards i’d be happy to have some.

My recommendation is that they’re not worth it. Spend fifty dollars a year and after about four years you can get a ticket worth about three hundred dollars on one airline. I had one for years and it wasn’t as useful as just the frequent flyer mileage so I dropped it.

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