Babble at Ohio Trump rally PROVES Princess Diana and Jackie O are still alive

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Maybe the old school Birchers were right, floridated water does cause brain damage.


For a movement obsessed with the idea that powerful pedophiles are abusing children, invoking Michael Jackson as your authority on the effectiveness of gematria seems … inconsistent, maybe?


Because they are not really obsessed about it. They are obsessed with proving that the Democrats are evil, and there are few things in our society that we’ve all generally agreed is evil - child abuse is one of them. If they can pin that charge on the Democrats, then they can prove that all democrats are evil.


I am waiting for them to try and tell us that Lincoln is still alive. Or reincarnated, or something.


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Ah yes… it’s all so clear now. It was right there in the lyrics from 1970:

"A B C, It’s easy as
1 2 3, as simple as
Someone named Melania was born this year and will become a scumbag’s wife
Also you should know that in 2022 Lady Di and Jackie O will still be alive"


It reminds me of Fred Clark’s* Anti-Kitten-Burning Coalition.

*(I found that blog via the comments that preceded this BBS, so thx!)


One of the many things I’ll never understand about the Qanon/Trumpist nuts is why they idolize so many dead progressives who stood for ideals that are in direct opposition to their own.


this is some serious poe’s law in action

does she believe this or is she a comedian trolling the trumper media


Is this just what happens to a human brain when it’s not given anything substantial to keep it busy? It just goes into overdrive, desperately making any connections it can and overanalyzing insignificant details until it becomes absolutely convinced of outrageous conclusions without caring if they actually make any sense, just because it’s starved of any other interesting input?


I guess because they don’t care at all about what these people stood for. Qanon/Trumpists care about an imagined “great american past” where everything was “strong and beautiful”. In this pantheon, Woodrow Wilson, JFK, Nancy Sinatra, Martin Luther King, Ronald Reagan, and Chuck Norris are the same kind of saints (with Trump being God-emperor, of course). just my 2 cents…


It’s probably because they don’t actually know or care to know the political views or positions of the people in question, they just know that these are “popular figures” that people understand as being pretty moral people and hence try and twist their memory to their own ends.


Yep - they’re making use of them as mythologized authority figures. If they have any notion of the politics not lining up, that still works in their favor though - because in their fantasy, their position now has broad bipartisan support! (It’s the most perverse possible variation of “I have Black friends who agree with me.”)


Definitely Not Poe.

She is a follower of Michael “Negative 48” Protzman (the cult leader who teaches that JFK, JFK Jr et al are still alive). The “gematria” reference is the giveaway.

From same rally: “If you dont have a Trump flag in your yard, you are un-American.” (said by the interviewer, not the attendee!)


See Jon Ossoff GIF by Election 2020


Yup… They believe these not dead progressives have seen behind the evil democrat curtain, were compromised and went into hiding, and are now calling the shots behind the scenes and will eventually reappear to throw everyone in jail.


It’s hard to know. I feel like the whole Qanon thing started as a discordian joke to troll folks that took on a life of its own.


It’s all a pretext for the rejection of (s)ocialism, of an ethics of care for the vulnerable, those who would be left behind by a eugenics of ascention to demi-god status. All of it. Elon Musk, these nutters, Trumps unyielding rudeness and sociopathic disregard, the embrace of fascism as a “temprary solution” to communism. It’s all funded and given voice by people who fundentally believe in hierarchy over general wellbeing, of unfettered individual power over peace and general prosperity.

They are willing to take it to the edge of genocide and beyond. They will accept violence because any form of socialsim rejects their Great Man theory of history, because caring about vulnerable people would put a speedbump in the road of Great Men, Great Achievements and the concentration of wealth and power.

My syntax and patter resembles their conspiracies now because the powerful people that guide them actively coopt the voice of the left in every movement to build populist support for strongmen. They’re scared and confused and easily led to false solutions. I don’t know the way out but surviving and recording the next eventual atrocity that exposes the extremism of fascists as “going too far” (i.e. genocide (the same thing they falsely claim they are trying to cutail)). I pray @Melizmatic is right and our vigilance and constant fight bends history away from their “purifying” pyres.

apologies for the drunken bbs post. love you guys. Calpico, gingerale, soymilk and vodka if you’d care to join me.


You have to wonder how these people function in day-to-day life.