Baby gets mad when mom has blank expression


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This explains a lot.


And this year's Ig Nobel Prize goes to Dr. Edward Tronick for his study: "Are Babies Bad at Staring Contests?"


Resting mom face?


This is not surprising given that neutral expressions on women cause man-babies to get upset about "resting bitch face."


cool, now i know how to piss off babies.


I have my resting Dad face on right now.


It would have to be a lifetime achievement or something -- his paper was from the early 70's.


Poe's law.


I don't think the still face had much to do with it. She stopped touching him and talking to him. If she had continued to talk to him and play with him while keeping a still face he probably would have been fine with it.


...let's see what happens when we take away the puppy...


Why are you against science because it reinforces things you don't like?

Anyway, do a study on dads and prove its both parents.


I just like experiments that make babies cry


Wow, I actually found watching the baby trying to desperately regain the attention of the mother really quite painful to watch.

No wonder I was putty in my babies' chubby hands.


This is quite interesting because I know quite a lot of 'right-on' parents - and I do this too - will tend to respond to misbehaviour by ignoring the child or giving them a stern look (i.e. a blank face). But this behaviour might as well be calculated to exacerbate and embed bad behaviours, turning them into ingrained habits.


Where can I watch more baby torture?


Alternating between "still face" and smiling interaction with a baby (I'm only talking moments, here, not 2 minutes like the baby-torture video) is as good as playing peek-a-boo. Babies have almost zero social filter, so you can watch them go through all the mental gymnastics:

"Yay, we're having fun! We're having fun, right? What's going on? Did I do something wrong? Am I stinky? Why are you being so mean - Oh, we're having fun again! Yay!"


But when you give a cell phone to the baby, I notice the baby becomes quickly disinterested in the parent.


Babies don't care you about you, man.


Sorry kid; if you don't want a blank stare, you'll need to become a better conversationalist.