The many faces of the woman at rest


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My wife has a resting sad/concerned face, and for the first few years we were together I was constantly asking her what was wrong, how I could help. She would say, “This is just how I look!” and get pissed at me for it.

Then we had a daughter, and my wife started asking her, “What’s wrong? How can I help?” And my daughter would say, “This is just how I look!”

And I said, “That’s how you look, dear!” It was an OMG moment for all of us.


Did the camera pan out and the music start:

"… it occurred to me, she’d grown up just like me. My girl was just like me.

“And the cat’s in the cradle and the silver spoon…”


Where’s the “It’s not me, it’s you” face?


Heh. Mother daughter as opposed to father son, but … yeah.


So familiar, except my wife (then girlfriend) didn’t get pissed when I asked if she was okay. At least, I don’t think she did.


In my mind I heard the Indigo Girls do a cover…


I used to have guys come up to me when I was out and ask “Why do you look so sad?” I’m not sad, this is just my face. But then they would insist I was sad and they could cheer me up, so I started saying “I wasn’t sad, until you came over here and started bugging me about my face.”


It always touches me when cycling to school I see often (secretly) parents a vew street away from the same destination. Worried, tyred heads, some into deep thinking, other sad, some kind of neutral.
At front of the school everybody is chatting, back straight, shoulders low and smiling.

Edit: no I did not miss the point of the post. :wink: I laughed about the toon. Especially the end frame.


I remember reading somewhere about someone interviewing the Beatles, and how they’d heard some teenage girls refer to Ringo as “the sad Beatle,” and so the interviewer asked Ringo if he was a particularly morose or sad person and he said, “no, it’s just me face.”

My wife has a lovely face whether smiling or at rest, but sometimes when she’s fast asleep she has the most alarming, almost cartoonishly sad-looking face, with mouth downturned like a caricature of a tragedy mask. She says it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with her actual state of mind or dreams or anything, just that apparently her face sometimes does that while she sleeps.


Please don´t tell me this means you guys pronounce Nietzsche “Nitsch”.


Of course not.

It’s “Nightsch” (as in Sean Connery talking to the Round Table in First Knight).


Good, I was worried there for a second.


I wish I had resting kitsch face!


well duh! As mens they know you better than you do! Why do you hate MENS!!! /s


:heart: Gemma Correll!

*and Lynda Barry, too.


I remember the first time I went on vacation with my wife and asked if she was sick. It ended up with an insightful car ride about how much stress she constantly puts on herself.


Years ago, my friend Dave asked me how to spell niche. I replied “N-I-E-T-Z-S-C-H-E.” To which he replied “That’s pretty good. My resolution: Find a niche beyond good and evil.”


Oh please…

That’s pretty much the story of my life. If there are some big interesting conversations to get involved in, then I seem animated. But otherwise, most people always assume that I am sad/upset/annoyed/etc.

I read with regards to text on the net that “neutral == bad”. There are apparently many sensational types who are biased against equanimity.


I often get told by people, I saw you earlier, you seemed mad. I have to tell them, no, I just move fast. I guess I also have resting scowl face.