Baby meets her family cat for the first time, completely flips out with happiness


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its unfortunate that the cat will one day try to steal the helpless child’s soul.


Naw, that’s mind-melting, goggle-eyed, babbling, drooling, incoherent terror, that is. The poor kid knows his immortal soul’s gonna be sucked out come nightfall.


See? I’m not wrong!


That’s odd, when my cat first saw a baby she (the cat) was terrified.


That poor cat.


The baby is actually screaming, “Somebody free my arms!”


Yes, a baby who is old enough to roll over seems a bit old for living in a pillowcase.


why is the baby in one of those Walmart tortilla warmers?


That’s Baby’s First Dutch Oven. Diaper changer beware.


I know the risk is low, but…Toxoplasmosis!


From what I’ve gathered, that’s only a risk if it’s an outside cat.


Unfortunately, it is really common for babies to scratch their faces, as they have little control of their hands at that age. It isn’t usually a big deal, but can result in corneal scratches or skin infections.


Well, I’m not actually sure where @xeni got that she was meeting the cat for the first time. It doesn’t say it in the video, and the creator commented that she’s 10 months old, so it would seem a little mean to hide the cat from the baby for ten months…

In our case, the cat was nuzzling up to the baby long before the baby was really aware of much, so when, at four months, she started stroking and rubbing at the cat’s fur, it just seemed like a natural progression.


If you don’t laugh out loud or at least smile a lot and feel really good while watching this then it’s worse than being “made of stronger stuff” than Xeni…its pathological! Get to a doctor, or an isolated cabin far far away from people as quickly as you can…


By ten months (apparently the baby’s age) they can control their arms fine.

The pillow case looked a little odd to me too, but it looks like she can still prop herself up when she rolls over, and can basically crawl in it, so I think it’s basically cute and harmless.

(We used a swaddle that held her arms tight until about five months, then a sleep sack with arms out.)


Ok, a couple things:

  • @SamSam already beat me to it about there being no way this is the first time she met the cat.
  • The creator said she is in a sleep sack. We kept both of our kids in sleep sacks till they were around 3 years old, give or take, because babies and wee kiddies have a tendency to kick blankets off. Though none of the sleep sacks we put on our kids kept their hands constrained like that. They were more like this:

Perhaps they just got this sleep sack for her when she was teeny, and kept it because she still fit in it?


That baby looks familiar…


The kid will calm down once the Toxoplasma gondii kicks in…