Babysitter leaves toddler on stranger's doorstep and drives off

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I’d like to know if the father and mother are still together. Because if they aren’t he should be pushing for full custody on this stunt alone.

Edit: @Melz2 is right maybe I shouldn’t rush to judgement. But I have serious questions why the mom would leave her with this person to begin with.


Boy, I need a break from humanity.


Don’t be so quick to blame the hospitalized mom; hopefully she only left the child in this woman’s care because she was not previously aware how irresponsible she is.

That said, I might be sorely tempted to do grievous bodily harm to someone who pulled this shit, had it been my kid.

I cannot begin to fathom placing such trust in someone only to have them fail me so spectacularly.


I am often taken by a sudden urge to grab people by their shoulders, shake them vigorously, and scream “what the fuck is wrong with you?” into their face at high volume. This is definitely one of those cases.


Yeah I have to imagine that this behavior is so beyond the pale that the mother probably never expected this woman to do something like that. I know I wouldn’t. I mean seriously… that is just astonishing.


Same here.

When I think of how difficult it was for me to trust other people with my kid when she was little, stories like this one simultaneously make my blood run cold and start to boil…


Granted, I’m positive my parents have entertained this thought a few times in my childhood. /s


Hi I can totally sympathize for this woman in some hypothetical scenario. I mean she was just going about her day then her friend winds up in the hospital and asks can you babysit my kid. of course she said yes not realizing this conflicted with the job interview she had at one of ices detainment centers for children so she did the only logical thing. ditch the kid and go get that job. bonus that she got video footage that will look great on her resume .


Well, it is really easy to criticize this woman in a situation like this. Of course it is. She is an utterly thoughtless and possibly soulless excuse for a semihuman.

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My ex would let her girlfriend watch our daughter back in the mid-’90s; I never trusted the woman. Several times we would come home and find the girlfriend on AOL, not even aware of what our daughter was doing. The last day I allowed this woman to watch her, I came home and found our daughter unsupervised on the porch eating charcoal briquettes. I was livid. There are many reasons my ex is my ex.


My ex has been my ex since before our child was even born; for good reason.

I am very wary of most other people, but especially when it comes to my kid; so a ginormous betrayal of trust like this is almost inconceivable… and I truly shudder to even consider how I would react.




Has nobody considered the possibility it was just a bad baby?


Yeah… we weren’t married, and I was operating under the fear that she would leave me and I would never see my daughter again, so I put up with a lot of things that I really shouldn’t have. But that was the final straw for this person. I didn’t care how “convenient” a babysitter she was. She was horrid.

Also, that was the same porch that our gas powered weed wacker was stolen from when I set it down long enough to go inside and get something to drink, and the neighborhood where our car was broken into so often that I just started leaving it unlocked to save on replacing the windows.

Ah yes. And our neighbor was discovered to be a pedophile, and took his own life rather than go to jail. He never touched our daughter though, so small blessing there.

I still have nightmares about that place.







I think you’re on to something. But it looks to me like she was not dressed for an interview, but perhaps a date with a very important person. Maybe even a politician. She was late for this date, and that’s why she had to speed away. She was not great friends to begin with, that’s why she got the address wrong. She spoke to the boy earlier, and he was briefed on what to do, so that’s why he knew to sit tight and wait for the person to answer the door. I think that’s what she was thinking. Or, possibly, it was cocaine?

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Her babysitting career may have ended, but she shows real potential as an ICE agent.

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