Backing Trump into a corner, the Special Master believes documents marked classified by the government probably are

Yeah, somehow I wrote something that I thought was clear, but isn’t.

What I intended to convey was along the lines of: yeah, sure, he could have been planning on selling that stuff for money/trading for power/a place to hide all along. Maybe to fully realize that he would have needed help, but he has enablers. …but I personally find it more satisfying to envision him wanting it just to satisfy his ego.

If for some reason I actually found myself in a position where my opinion mattered, like on a jury I would have to sit and pour through evidence and actually reject my emotional reactions to things and pay attention to what is actually going on, and then I would maybe have another conclusion.

Oh, I’m not giving him a pass. If I were on a jury and you could connect a stolen document to a field death I’ll sing “manslaughter”, but I’m not on a jury right now.

See above (the “I think I was misunderstood!” – and since at least two people misunderstood me I’m pretty sure it was me being unclear, not anyone else being dumb or anything!), although, really this is a guy that thinks remembering “Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV” for 90 seconds is a triumph of the human thought process. I’ll buy that he can puzzle out “hey all this stuff is worth something!”, but actually managing to take it, hold onto it, and if it was sold/traded, I seriously doubt he did that without help (which doesn’t shift the responsibility).

Hard agree. Stated far better then I managed.


Lets hope the American public isn’t dumb enough to actually elect him again! (also lets home that in addition to the public not reelecting him that the process isn’t hijacked into doing it against the will of the public)


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I thought that at the SecState level, those are mostly candidates in November’s election, not existing office holders. The target is 2024 more than 2022, at least at the state government level.

On the local level, it’s definitely 2022. Dems have to file prospective court challenges to election deniers in those positions based on public statements by those officials. The court can then appoint oversight so that the election deniers can’t steal the midterms, precinct by precinct.


Okay. But let’s not downplay actual threats to our country, maybe? I mean, YOU might be okay if these assholes take over, but many of us will not. So, dreaming about what an idiot he might or might not be doesn’t give me, or the many people directly in the line of fire, any comfort. :woman_shrugging: What matters here is the actual threat he and the other fascists in the GOP pose, and it’s not a game or intellectual exercise to many of us. It kind of irritates me that some people still seem to be taking this as something of a joke rather than the actual threat that it is…

But ya kind of are…


Doggy telepathic declassification.

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