Bad luck ruins Oregonian snowmobile for weed swap


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Now he has neither weed or snowmobile.

Life is cruel.


Thank goodness, the world is safe again!


He should have just claimed it was



that is sage advice!


Not thymely though.


Ho! This cat nipped it in the bud.


I guess he had it cumin, likely he mint to trade with someone other then the police.


Agrimonied! The police can be such basilisks.


That’s why it’s better not to Russian to deals like this.

Wait. This isn’t the salad thread…


Hasn’t been legal long enough for me to see any trends locally, but I suspect that now that it generates revenue that more policing will be directed this way.

When it was decriminalized but still illegal most busts were a financial and political loser for the state. Now they are protecting important revenue and can justify incarcerating nonviolent offenders with a blanket of doing the social programs of the state a service.


There’s snow chance for them to hash this out?


they’ve setup a joint task force.


Yes, they’ve been very blunt about it. They’re working with the DEA who have a lot of plants to draw from. They’ll hit 'em long and hard.


Just a toke’n gesture, in my opinion, or this would have been reeferred to the FBI.


The FBI said it couldn’t get involved, citing a higher court.


They tripped over a technicality in the law. Too bad. Morale is bad at the moment, and getting a conviction would have sparked up the troops.


The shereef called his bud at the Justice Department, but the order came from high up not to put local pot dealers in the hot box. They were sorry to burn that bridge. If only they had green lit the investigation sooner. (okay, I’m reaching now, I admit it)


I’m disappointed. The guy’s a chronic offender. If he won’t promise doobie good, bhang him in jail.


He could’ve avoided all of this if only he’d conducted his black-market dealings gingerly. He got caraway and now he’s facing charges. If the judge’s decision is fennel and he ends up going to prison, his cannabis capers are over. He’ll have to bide his time behind bars reading, playing sudoku, and engaging in a lot of self-lovage.