Bad Request via "originally posted" link

I keep getting a Bad Request error when I try to visit BB articles from the bbs post “originally posted at” link. I can reach those same articles just fine from the main blog view (which I seldom do normally…)

UPDATE: not an issue in Firefox, but IS an issue in Chrome
UPDATE: (maybe obvious) but if I remove the long-ass _ga= variable, it also works fine.

Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.
Size of a request header field exceeds server limit.

Example (working link)

link from bbs (broken)

Both links work for me. Fixed? (Using chrome on windows).

I just realized it’s only an issue on Chrome for me, Firefox works fine.

I was getting that problem for a couple days in my RSS Reader (Feedly). If I clicked on the title that normally goes to the article on the website I would get the bad request error. I could go to the home page of the website and find the story or go to the forum and find it there.

In my case it was happening on Windows 7 (I know, I know) with both Firefox and Chrome.

It seems to be working fine today.

I’m getting the bad request error from the home page now.

ugh, I still hate the ambiguous-feeling reply button/links

I get a 400 error more than half of the time, but not always. (this morning, one out of six article links worked properly)

Chrome on macbook, also my chromebook. Haven’t boinged on my win10 pc lately.

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