Bad science stock-art tee


I know, I know. You’d think they’d’ve got tubes right by now, wouldn’t you? We’re all pretty happy with cases and bores. What’s taking so long?

The test tube is actually full of red wine. He’s just taking a moment to appreciate the color before downing it


I’ve thoughtfully held test tubes aloft for good reasons, though not for very long. There are reasons to do it. I can’t remember the last time I wore a lab coat, though.

I remember a funny story about Jeffrey Friedman, about decade or two ago: Friedman had just describedthe biology of the Ob mouse, giving a whole bunch of new insights into the genetic basis of obesity, and as you’d expect the popular press was interested. People Magazine (or some similar bunch) sent a photographer to his office; the photographer asked Friedman to put on a lab coat and hold a mouse. Friedman explained to the photographer that he obtained and administered millions of grant dollars every year, that he showed up to work dressed professionally in a suit and tie, not a labcoat, and he wasn’t going to don a costume and be the photographer’s performing monkey, just to match the stereotype seen in late-night movies and clipart.


I’ve always thought that this stereotype originated in urology, where pee color has been an important diagnostic criteria for centuries.

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