Bad security design made it easy to spy on video from Ring doorbells and insert fake video into their feeds

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So you could really do the tired cyberpunk trope of “I’m feeding a loop of this empty video into the security camera feed”? Neat.


Relax, he said. What’s the worst that could happen, he said.




Add things.



I get what you’re going for there. The lyrics match the situation and all but wouldn’t it be the ultimate RickRoll opportunity?


[user looks at phone}


I like the idea of a video doorbell but don’t like the implementation of most of them.

I was thinking of creating my own using some variation of a webcam *wired into my RaspberryPi media center. I wanted it to be a Roku channel but those live video doesn’t seem to be compatible with their API.

*Wired because although WiFi has gotten much more reliable it still has issues. Plus as in the report in this article you don’t want people to be able to insert stuff in your wifi stream when it’s a security device.

Make it easy to insert stuff, but tag the stream to detect insertion. Set off the silent “Thinks he’s Mr Clever Dick” pre-intruder alarm.

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I’m not convinced the risks of an IoT camera outweigh the benefits.

If I wanted to put in a camera, I’d prefer to have it store it’s footage on site.

There’s a risk someone will steal the camera footage I guess, but I think it’s more likely you’ll get Nixon’d (your own recordings used against you) than somone breaking in and stealing the camera (if you hide it decently)

Good one - I clicked that thumbnail, but the video was just some security footage.


Spying on porch squirrels cleaning their nuts. Exciting.

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