Self-hacking Internet of Shit camera automatically sends randos the feed from inside your house

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I believe this is bank grade security. They’re just terrible at that - and think security questions are neat too.


Well … I suppose it does perhaps cut out some of the middle men …

Hilariously, BB’s ad service paired this article with, for me, this ad.

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Maybe “bank grade” implies something totally different to others(generational gap?; do seedy pacific rim ODMs see financial institutions as bastions of probity?); but I cannot avoid immediately associating the phrase with the finest 56-bit DES that was getting curb stomped in the mid-late 90s; and the fact that odds are excellent that your ability to use a decent hardware token with your bank are way, way, lower than your odds of doing the same to protect your world of warcraft account.

In this case, I just don’t even want to know what sort of keying practices were in place such that some units were shipping with confusion about their intended partners. I can’t think of a way for that to happen that doesn’t make me want to run away screaming.


so it’s Chat Roulette, basically? meh.


God, the titles on this blog get worse every week, like we have a guest editor from Buzzfeed on staff. Someone go ahead and link this to the inevitable ‘whining about BoingBoing’ metatopic,

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If the server can send the video from your camera to another user by
mistake, it would be equally capable of sending anyone’s video to the
FBI intentionally. Or everyone’s video.

Any device that requires, or leads, the owner to communicate with it
through the manufacturer’s server is designed for abuse. Yet this is
standard practice in the Internet of Stings,

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