Consumer Reports finds that D-Link's home camera sends unencrypted video without unique passwords

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When is the last time anything worth hacking happened in your house? Really?

Well, we were just hanging around the coffee table last weekend planning that bank jo…doh!!!


Don’t everybody rush over to to see what interesting videos you can find now…


Ummm… are you a man or something?

Because your response suggests that you are unaware of the awful things that happen to women who are victims of a RAT that captures compromising video and posts it to porn sites and such. It doesn’t take much imagination to think of all the ways that just being a normal person in your house can lead to videos you wouldn’t want spreading across the internet.

And, even if you are a man and don’t care about women at all, you should be aware that videos can be used to harass, blackmail, and intimidate men, too. Children of all genders have been harassed to the point they committed suicide when videos of them from their computer or their video game console have gotten into the wrong hands.

So, yeah, the next time you go from your bedroom to the bathroom in the buff just imagine that there’s a camera in the hallway and that someone is copying the stream out to a revenge website. No biggie. You are a nudist, right? When your boss gets an email about the video being on the Net, I’m sure there will be no problem, either. It won’t be embarrassing in the least. And of course, it won’t have any effect on the way people treat you professionally (especially if you are a straight white man). Of course, it’s nothing to worry about… you were just imagining it! Phew…


So the solution is to use the poorly made, black box app which can root your device? I don’t buy internet of shit products that don’t work without an app.

All good points but if someone showed me a video of an employee in their home I would be more worried about the person showing the video than the one in the video.

There are so many incompetent developers out there. How are these no-talent ass clowns able to stay employed?

I think you spell the answer M-B-A.

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