Nulledcast: a podcast where hackers play live audio of themselves breaking into Ring cameras and tormenting their owners

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These “hackers” are truly fucking gross, amoral garbage, particularly listing this stuff among “ridiculous topics” like it was a discussion of condiments on Doughboys. If it weren’t for the emotional scarring of young children, which is atrocious, I would actually say there’s a silver lining in this kind of vandalism, though. It’s drawing attention to the weakness of these systems in a way that more whitecollar-style invasions through these devices would. It seems like people are more afraid of a mugging than their credit card being jacked online, after all.


Yeah but if only theyd do something useful, like harassing wealthy bankers that stole from America in 2008, or others, but nope.

They never terrorize assholes and scumbags, its always normal people who don’t deserve it. Really though, noone deserves this. Except the hackers themselves, for being horrible people, and the people at Ring who make this IOS garbage


If one finds this sort of thing entertaining, I sincerely wish you would do the world a favor and drown yourself in the bathtub. :confused: Ok - not really…


So… these dumbasses are snitching on themselves, basically?

This is truly the dumbest timeline, and anyone tormenting kids for kicks can go choke.


The only fitting punishment for asinine bullshit like this is to find the hosts and livestream their pathetic lives 24/7, with commentary from insult comedians piped into their headphones, until they can’t take it anymore. Then another year or two, just to be sure.

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Those the Gods would destroy, first they make mad.



parents that put internet connected cameras, microphones and loudspeakers into home with children are also gross


Imagine a world in which those dumbasses have a moral compass and help the oppress, try to stop climate change or the accumulation of wealth.
A sweet dream.


In a way, I can see where these hackers are coming from: the tried and true way to draw attention to a problem is to find a line and cross it. Now, they could have done this with the consent of the owners, or even have been more of a “hey, we can prove to you that your home is insecure, be thankful we are harmless”…

… but no, they felt they had to really scare people, I guess. Cross as many lines as possible to make people aware that even hacks wanting to do a podcast can terrorise them if they wanted. And in doing so, did stuff they themselves will rue.


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