Badass Dragons of the Wasteland - Round 2

¿Qué onda? Since I haven’t heard votes to the contrary, I’m on mission 1b, and sticking with the purchases of my previous post. So I’ve put down in the libro de cuentas.

SOLD! Bang! Boom! Wam! Bam!

Thank you mam! Thats one happy customer for me! THANK YA KINDLY!

Finishes repairs, and packs tools up…

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Sorry, I got called out of town for work and missed a lot of this, I’ll have to catch up in the morning and see if I can catch up on one of these missions. I’m typically known as a back door man for the most part so 1B is appealing, but I understand I might need some fixin’ from my last troubles of having some starlets get under my windshield wipers before dishing out trouble to some Google-eyed wee-beasties.


(ooc: Well I’ve already spent all my LP’s but wouldn’t spare part be considered “scrap” as well?))

OOC - doh - sorry I’m slow. I actually have a job this time around. And laundry took forever tonight. I am a little confused with how repairs work, I am trying to skim the whole thread and glean it. Basically I want to be full HP - can I repair myself for free and just have to buy the repair kit? I want my HP to be as fully repaired as possible. If said upgraded I bought would prevent that, then forget the upgrades and just worry about repairs.

Hey kid, I’ll go with you. I’m ex-military. Didn’t I tell you? Nah, not a Navy SEAL, not even a Ranger or anything, just infantry. - taps medal hanging on the rear view mirror - The silly bastards gave me a Medal of Honor. Usually you have to be dead to get one of these. Uncle Sam even gave me this sweet new body. Well - not THIS sweet new body, but my old one. I still got my uniform in the back, and I’ve watched every episode of Glee, this should be cake. Pipe down, Simon, we’re talking business. Now - pass me that wrench and let’s get that gun mounted. Help me paint an official looking army star on the side of this thing. Maybe we should paint over the sweet ass wizard covered with dried zombie blood.

ETA - updated buy list:

Jacky Blacque - 'Droid Mechanic
Apollo 69 - '77 Unimog 404 Camper

Mission 2 - (I guess it’s the one listed on the form as #2 Jane?)

Starting HP: 1
Starting LP: 17

Repair Kit: 1LP, +29HP self repair - Mechanic heal thyself.
Chaingun x2: 6LP, +4FP - Now I have a machine gun, HO HO HO
Window Bars: 1LP, +1AR - Keep your head and arms outside the vehicle at all times
Light Plating x2: 4LP, +6AR - Metal fences make good neighbors
Plumbing Upgrade: 1LP, +2TQ - More powa
Trade in Parts x 2: 2LP, +2EN - Ooh, shiny. It must make it go faster.

Total: 15LP
Remaining: 2LP
HP: 30HP (max)


As Jane explained, you can buy extra parts (EN+1) and just not put them on your ride. If you’re doing mission 1b with us, Clank already has you covered.

@Mister44 Silly mechanics can buy a repair kit from Stretch at a discounted rate of 1LP (normally 4LP) and repair their HP to max for free.

Other non mechanic types can be fixed by mechanics up to 75% max HP. If you want to top off your HP you’ll need to pay Stretch an additional 1LP per 2HP. Price List

Don’t forget to put your purchases in this form and say who you’re riding with in this thread. Here’s the mission list for quick reference.



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Great song - but I prefer the KMFDM remix:


I don’t see where it says mechanics repair for only 75% for free for themselves. I thought that was just for repairing others.

Hey GMs - doing a great job, but one suggestion:

For the next round, make a holder post when you start a new thread for the missions and upgrades. Then when you post them and/or make clarifications below you can edit the text at the top so all the pertinent information is in one spot. It’s cumbersome for me to try to catch up and glean the “important” stuff quickly.

Thanks! Tally-Ho and sally forth!



We’re going to have a separate, permanent thread that only we can post in that will be updated to always have the current essential information, all the links you may need, etc., and we will also make sure that stuff is all at the top of the main round threads.

For now, anyone can PM me with questions (the other two aren’t available at the moment). Also @gwwar has good info up above, thanks @gwwar.

Though we wanted to add extra fun stuff to the relative simplicity of Badass Space Dragon, we don’t want our little game to be difficult to play, so we’re taking player feedback in mind and streamlining where possible. Thanks to all for putting up for us!


You’re right it’s just 1LP.

((ooc: you guys are doing a great job, I’m having a blast!:)From the past!))

You’re doing fine. If I were on top of things I wouldn’t be rushing to get shit done before the cut off of 9pm PST. Scroll up a few posts, is my outline of what i want to buy ok? Can we buy more than one of an upgrade?

You can buy as many multiples of upgrades as you can afford, yeah.

What you seem to have done on the form under upgrades is tell us how many stat points worth of upgrades you’re buying. What I intended is for that to be the number of upgrades… like, if you want 1 FP upgrade (in this case, a chaingun worth 2 FP and costing 3 LP) you enter 1 in the FP row.

Looking at what other people submitted now, you’re not the only one to interpret it that way. Whoops. I’ll try to make the form instructions more clear, but we should be able to figure out what you all meant anyway.

edit: I think pretty much everyone interpreted it the way Mister44 did, and actually that makes more sense, since you can buy more than one thing in the same category. I will be updating the form to make that the right way to do it.

cool - I will update my post above and the form. Thanks!

ETA - er your form doesnt make sense if 1 chaingun = 1 in the FP row, as there are two AR items and 2 FP items, both with different stats

ETA - updating form to reflect additional purchases

Actually, before you do that - I think pretty much everyone did it your way because it makes a lot more sense, and that’s going to be the correct way from now on. I’m going to update the form to explain clearly.

edit: it’s going to be totally different next time. You’ll simply select a quantity for the specific upgrades. I’m kicking myself for thinking that convoluted way I came up with somehow made more sense.

…if’n yer needin’ sum repairs my friend, an’ seein’ as yer goin’ on mission 1b with us an all let me help you out and fix you up for my already advertised rate (1 LP, you supply the repair kits & TIPS ARE APPRECIATED!) and in return if you can make sure I make it out alive, tha’d be great! So how’s that sound like a deal… Friends?

Getting no response from the unconcious Scout, da BUM hoists Desmond Baltars front bumper up with his tow-hook and climbs under and starts installing his repair kit… “He can pay me when he wakes up, hah!” the BUM chuckles to himself as he sets to work with his welding torch…


Oh man this hangover is killing me…
I’ll go on mission (roll of the dice) two.
Need to repair my ride first, any kind mechanic that wants to help me out and get me up to 75% for 1LP? Preferably one on mission 2? ((don’t have time to read it all))

Repair kit 4
HP to 75% 1
HP from Stretch 5
Window bars 1 (no more zoms in my ride, thank you)
2x chainguns 6
Spent 18
Left 0


I guess all these Mechanics keep bankers hours (AND RATES!), but I’m awake! Here ya go, Thanks for the LP!

Finishes repairs, walks back over to the mission 1b camp…


I’ll leave you with my musical choice for tomorrow…