Baffling Telugu film sequence from the 80s


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In addition to being the star in this trippy ditty, the actor Chiranjeevi, is about to make his 150th film and he’s known as one of the actors who “changed the face of Indian Cinema”.

Chiranjeevi is also a very successful politician whose agenda has been focused on social justice.


That was awesome!


Either someone needs to run that through Google DeepDream, or someone already has.


That is what “Hey Mickey” by Toni Basil looks like to people who speak Telugu. (there is even a little “hey mickey” riff in there around 0:50)


I would swear they are borrowing from Kate Bush:


Also I wish people would stop screwing up the aspect ratio of video when they upload it. This was obviously originally 4:3.

Then there's [this mashup][1].


What you just watched?

Absolute fucking genius, I tell ya.


And elephants.


So much Illuminati symbolism here. It’s clearly a stylised sexual initiation rite, with the couple being encouraged by their masked handlers to embrace an “animal” identity and abandon human morality.
The “freakout” section at 2:10 represents the orgasm, after which the inductees have changed into bright red clothes, showing that they are ready to shed blood in the name of the NWO.


Musical remake of Tarzan?


Username checks out.


And now you have succeeded in getting me to shoot soda up my nose.


Thanks. In my next fever-dream this will play in an endless loop. Oh the horror.


That is straight-up fucking amazing. I love it.


More, please.


It’s not my fault Jeff didn’t make the username field long enough and “ledoreIsCool” got cut off…


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