BAKE Savory Millennium Falcon pie




the countdown to a home-made Millenium Falcon pizza begins now


Calzonian Falcon?


What kind of falcon pie is veggie?

I don’t want a Millennium Tofalcon pie.


Strombolian Falcon


Never has the term ‘cockpit’ been so apposite…


Perhaps it should be made with roast falcon? Shouldn’t taste worse than four-and-twenty blackbirds, at least.


Sounds like falcons are okay to eat:


Well, sure, if you have a taste for UNCLEAN ABOMINATIONS.

Mmmmm… hot, savory Abomination Pie!

I wonder, all Biblical admonishment against eating the flesh of carrion-feeders aside, if they actually are good to eat? Not that I hunger for raptors and buzzards particularly, just idly curious.


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