Balloon Boy is in a metal band. Here's a song about his adventure

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You mean the “adventure” that never happened?


Come now… how many of us have been adventurous enough to ralph on the set of Good Morning America?


Oy vey. I couldn’t take more than a minute of that.

I can’t tell if this is his own idea or was instigated by his dad again.

This kid is going to be a test subject for seeing how one grows up under constant media (and social media) scrutiny.


The poor kid’s dad has to be behind this too.

And this might be worse.

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It’s absolutely the dad’s instigation. Just, wow.

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Is it metal if it’s adorable?


Falcon and the Luck Dragons perform “Never Ending Song”.

Agree. If the kid actually was into metal, he would not do such a terrible impression of it.


Constant? One stunt when he’s in first grade, and another when he’s in middle school? He’s not exactly Shirley Temple yet, is he?

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OK, fair enough, but this isn’t the first time I’ve heard about him since the original balloon stunt, they’ve been pushing this metal band thing for a while now.

a metal band, or a hair band?

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I am so out of touch with the important things in life.


Man, you’re good. I only got 0:27 into it. Had to stop after his very not-metal voice “Shift hits the fan”… Can’t say “shit”? WTF kind of “metal” is this?

Actually, the only time I’ve seen the show is when I’ve been home sick, so I’ve done that through the power of primitive VR.

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