Bandwidth: science fiction thriller about networks of power and the power of networks

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Eliot Peper’s novel Bandwidth is a global technothriller that pits the barons of a world-spanning networking monopoly against the hydrocarbon barons who’ve manipulated the world’s politics to let them go on boiling the world in its own emissions, and the lobbyists and shadowy resistance fighters who play them off against each other.


Damnit @doctorow I have enough to read right now after the last 2 humble bundles you promoted.

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I got this on kindle a while back either free or deeply discounted and I just can’t read it. I’ve tried twice and the opening paragraph just makes me hate the character and the author for writing it.

super-powerful, super-competent sociopaths, who, despite all their ability to will to power, are simultaneously groping around in the dark, getting lucky, substituting brute force and absolute immorality for cunning and prescience, and steering the human race over a cliff as they do so.

I don’t care what you say. Mr Trump is just not like that! He cares about each and every one of us small bunnies, and is going to MAGA the shit out of everything he can get his hands on. /SARC

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