Bani Garu: Gomiyage


Ah, the glorious days of '80s anime on that cover. And probably more people here can name the shows on it than they’ll admit.

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Why wouldn’t they admit it? Dude, I’m OLD. It is what it is.

What’s worse is that I’m fairly sure that this I know that this is the artwork of Haruhiko Mikimoto. And that I know who that is. :smile:

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I wonder if the whole comic would even make a sizeable article if converted to text-only.

There’s more about the catalog’s cover at

If you’re enjoying Bani Garu (even in a weird way), stop by, maybe give it a follow.

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Crusher Joe was still considered “Popular” by 1989? I mean…it should have been…

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That was my time: not only can I name all the pertinent characters…that lovely cover is familiar.

I’m 90% sure I own that catalogue, down in the archives…somewhere.

Bani Garu Ganbatte!


OK, I did well at the top, failed more towards the bottom. WHO is the singer at bottom left?

Lynn Minmay from Macross.

Ack - thought her hair was straighter. Well, I came close, and I’m looking forward to more of the Gainapocalypse story!

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Aha, I know why you got confused. Different hair color and her hair is up.

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