Bank manager calls bankrupt customer a "knob" on voicemail


No word on whether the customer was, in fact, a knob.


In other news, at one time or another most customers are knobs…

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I quite agree. The fact that he’s bankrupt seems almost irrelevant: the catalyst for the call but, surely, not in any way connected with how much of a knob this man is or isn’t.

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I agree. We need proofs.

I’m surprised that no one seems to be interested in exactly what kind of a knob this individual is alleged to be.

A volume knob? A doorknob? Some generic control knob? Or is he, in fact, just a dick?

Inquiring minds want to know.

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Maybe it only takes one to know one and the bank manager is an expert.

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It’s a knob-end he’s referring to.

Anyone who say “the customer is always right”, has never worked in retail.


Would someone kindly translate “job” into American?

He’s with the right bank then. NatWest are complete fucking knobs.

“I do believe I will take my business elsewhere!”



To me the 2 parties in questions are both knobs!

It’s refreshing to hear of a bank being mean to someone at such a tiny, normal scale. Normally this would end with ‘and then they repossessed his house on accident.’

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