Gentleman, possibly a burglar, gets trapped inside a cell phone store

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If I were his defense lawyer, I’d plea bargain.


If he’d just lifted his feet at the end…


I’d go for entrapment and hope for a dumb jury.


Plead incompetence. That’s a thing, right?

I hate thieves…

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I would file criminal charges against the owner for kidnapping. Planning to hold a person against their will and then videotaping the confinement wasn’t very smart.


I wonder if this isn’t some kind of fire code violation.


If the office is empty, I don’t think so. That is why you see the signs “must remain open during business hours”. I remember years ago working at walmart that the cleaning crew would be locked in over night (this was before they were open 24hrs.

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Given the police were dispatched to release him the moment he got in and the only reason he ended up in the room was criminal trespass that seems a really hard sell.

A civil suit on the other hand trying to hold the property owner liable for injury he suffered trying to escape the room might fly, sadly.

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Unfortunately for the owner, it’s still kidnapping. It doesn’t matter why the victim is on the premises.

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The owner could always counter sue for the damages the guy caused. And since he was up and walking around after causing the damage, he couldn’t have been injured too badly. Probably just bruises.

Fire code for sure, I would think.

I dunno. Nothing invited or lured the guy in. In fact, it was clear he was unwelcome, being as that he had to force entry into the building.

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Free 10lb fresh dog food with every activation!

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That sounds like something the UK would make into a law.

The guy did nothing wrong but have doors that lock.

But the bigger question is - why is anyone questioning the legality of locked doors keeping in a guy who BROKE INTO a building? It isn’t like he made a Tiger pit or a booby trap. He has doors that lock to keep people out of where they shouldn’t be.

Entrapment is when law enforcement trick someone into commiting a crime. This is a mantrap

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Yeah, the pun was a bit of a stretch to be honest. That was the reason for “then hope the jury is made of idiots.”

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Humans are hilarious, especially that one!


Part of me felt guilty for watching a human animal squirm in obvious mental distress.

The other part, however, wished that the walls slowly inched together like a Bondian crush chamber. Not all the way, just enough so the thief would start to notice.

I am, as you see, conflicted.