Bank teller allegedly attempted to burglarize customer who made large withdrawal

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Its always three names isn’t it.


Oof, that neck beard! :scream:


Still a better bank than Wells Fargo.


“We are shocked and appalled to hear of the events that led to the assault and injury of a longtime member of our credit union,”

Am I the only one who has been using a credit union instead of a traditional bank specifically to avoid this sort of customer service issue. Sounds like I’m better off banking with the local loan shark.


He’s 19 going on 38 looks like. Was he clean shaven during the job interview? Who hired this guy and thought, Great addition to our branch, here are the keys to our customers private and confidential information.


Well, he’ll never work in the banking industry again. He should’ve become a cop instead – then he could be “fired” and rehired in the next town over.


He only had three names.

I wonder what his interest rate will be on a 6-month incarceration?


The person doesn’t actually go by three names. The police release the full name to the press. It keeps someone named Nathan J. Newell from being rejected for a bank teller job, and it also keeps this guy’s friends from thinking, “hey, that guy looks just like Mike, but they’re calling him Nathan… never mind, it might be a brother or a cousin or just someone who looks like him.”

Who cares? Beards are popular nowadays, and there’s no reason someone should have to look like a Mormon to get a job, let alone a crappy bank teller job.

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Hence the rush for automation?

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