"Bankrupt" Alex Jones spends $100,000 a month

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Damn, he’s really splurging on the fancy toilet paper.

I guess that’s what happens when you have it coming out of both ends all the time.


The court needs to tell this obvious grifter, who can’t even settle on which grift he’s running, that he doesn’t “need” $100k/month to live. Especially when he owes a bunch of bereaved parents hundreds of millions of dollars.


In December, Mr Jones asked a court to allow him to take a bigger salary – $1.3m – from the company

Good luck with that. This man is the personification of entitlement. “Hey, judge! There’s a $1.5 billion judgement against me. Can I double my salary? I’m also spending $100K a month on fuck all. Wah! I’m being cancelled by the terrible libs!”

(I’m sure the salary increase request was because his companies were paying for some of his expenses and are now blocked from doing so. I wonder if he declared those payments on his taxes. Maybe the IRS should look into that with their 87,000 new stormtroopers . :thinking:)


It’s important to teach your children about the difference between “needs” and “wants”.

ETA: maybe his long game is to star in a right wing reality TV version of “Schitt’s Creek”


Anyone that runs a whole bunch of little ‘companies’ like that is suspect (including the former). And, anyone running a few very large and visible companies is suspect (see: twit show).

Judge needs to tell this guy he needs to liquidate these assets (ie, sell the companies) to help pay the families in Newtown.

Supplement salesman. Sheesh.


Alex doesn’t “believe” in forensic accountants. He’s about to get a very rude awakening.


I hope forensic accountants are working overtime (and getting paid out of settlement for it) to find every penny he and his minions have socked away in shell companies, mattresses and janky couch cushions!


I really would have a hard time spending $100k a month. I’d probably be buying original comic art and rocket firing Boba Fetts.

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Gotta drop a few letters from that title to fit the character and theme